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My Kites and Friends

My Kites

Please Clicks on the picture to see a large size.

This is my 2.1m Rokkaku made by me

This picture is showed a 4 stacks Impulses from Flexifoil I actually own 6 impulse but can not fly a 6 stacks of them , it's too hard pull for me.

This is a 4 stacks Scorpions from Flexifoil I actually own 5 scorpions , now ,I am enjoy to do axel on them (4 scorpions) have not started (to do axel) with 5 scorpions.

This is my first big single line kite ,it's a 14' Double DC made by Richard Gareau Kite maker from Quebec,Canada

This is my UFO SUL.... it 's a very nice kite , fly good in 2-10 mph winds.

This is my Fusion Hi-Mod. From Tim Benson

This is my first trick kite , Stranger From Andy Preston

This is my Jam Session from HQ. I have modified it with Skinnies Sul. frame on it.

This is one of my favorites kites "Pizazz" made by Dick Barnes Kite Maker from Washington

This picture is showed a trick tail from Active People , it's a very good trick kite .

This is my last trick kite, a Stranger Level 7 from Andy Preston it's a weird kite.

This is my viper from Ed Schenk .It's a very nice kite.

This picture is showed my Viper Water Ballet made by ed Schenk it is one of my favorites

This picture is showed my Mattrix made by Andy Preston

Kites I have made

This is my "Amazing Kite"... made by me.. very fast , strong pull, and noisy

This is my Trick Tac , made by me.Click here to see Trick Tac plan

This is my 2.1 m Rokkaku, made by me.Click here to see 2.1 m Rokkaku plan

Clike here to see all pictures of kites I have made

These are some kites I have often flown , I usually go fly kites with my group every sunday at Mueng Thong Thani kite field. There are about 10-15 kiters in my group , we like to fly every kind of kites.


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