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Reference: A & E Special Boadcast Details (originally aired 0n 6-29-1997)


To the Viewers of the A & E SPECIAL
and all interested persons ...
(1) Tell your friends and associates about this new electromagnetic technology.
(2) Joseph Newman is available for talk show interviews via telephone to discuss the implications of his revolutionary energy technology for all Americans.

[Joseph Newman can be reached directly at: (602) 657-3722 or, the interview
can be arranged by calling Evan Soule' at: (504) 524-3033.]

* * * * * * VERY IMPORTANT * * * * * *

(3) Urge your Congressman and Senators to introduce new Private Relief Bills identical to those originally introduced by 11 different Congressmen. A sample Bill reads:

A BILL For the relief of Joseph W. Newman.
"Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of Commerce, acting through the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks, is authorized and directed to immediately issue a pioneer patent to Joseph W. Newman for the invention described in the patent application numbered 179,474 and filed in August 1980. Such patent shall be accorded rights equal to the rights accorded to patents issued title 35, United States Code."

Such a Bill represents NO cost or expense to the American taxpayer, yet it would finally afford Joseph Newman the equal opportunity to prove his technology in the marketplace.

(4) If you are mechanically inclined and have at least a fundamental understanding of electrical circuitry, you are invited to construct a prototype for yourself and demonstrate the remarkable nature of this technology which will revolutionize our access to abundant, inexpensive energy.
It is historically interesting to note that for over 3 years, the Wright Brothers, (who had been called 'the Lying Brothers' in the popular press), battled the Patent Office which rejected their patent claims for a flying machine. In 1903, the Patent Office stated that the Wright Brother's claim was rejected because it related to "a device that is inoperative or incapable of performing its intended function." [From an article on the Wright Brothers by patent attorney Rodney K. Worrel in the October 1979 issue of the American Bar Journal]

The injustices inflicted upon Joseph Newman by the Patent Office, the Federal Courts, and one member of Congress are astonishing. Joseph Newman's troubles began when the original examiner (who has since left the Patent Office) -- Donovan F. Duggan -- labeled his technology as "perpetual motion." This same Donovan Duggan was later found by a Federal Court in Texas to be technically incompetent. Such incompetence was further verified under Deposition, when Duggan admitted that he was not an expert on "perpetual motion," had never had any training in "perpetual motion," nor had he ever been educated in any way on the subject. When asked the most basic questions about the subject of electrical engineering, Duggan was technically incapable of answering the questions.

When Joseph Newman appealed Duggan's label of "perpetual motion," a group of Patent Examiners told Joseph Newman that, "We believe your invention works, but your technical description is inadequate." Joseph Newman appealed again. He was then told by a board of Patent Examiners, "We believe your technical description is adequate, but your invention doesn't work." With such contradictory statements, Joseph Newman sued the Patent Office in Federal Court.

Federal Judge Thomas P. Jackson presided over Joseph Newman's suit against the Patent Office. Jackson has been totally involved in the Watergate Scandal as an attorney defending Mitchell. Jackson was appointed to the bench by Ronald Reagan. Judge Jackson stated that a Special Master was necessary to evaluate the Energy Machine of Joseph Newman. Newman said this wasn't necessary since he (Newman) had Affidavits from over 30 scientists attesting to validity of the technology and the Patent Office had zero Affidavits to the contrary. The Judge overruled Joseph Newman and appointed a Special Master who was nominated for the position by Joseph Newman's judicial adversary: The Patent Office. Moreover, this Special Master --- William Schuyler, Jr. --- was ALSO a former U.S. Commissioner of the Patent Office and considered to be a technical expert in electrical engineering with "superb credentials" according to Judge Jackson.

In the Report of the Special Master, William Schuyler, Jr. specifically wrote: "Evidence before the Patent and Trademark Office and this Court IS OVERWHELMING that Newman has built and tested a prototype of his invention in which the output energy exceeds the external input energy, there is NO contradictory factual evidence." After the Report was issued, Judge Jackson REFUSED to accept the findings of his own Special Master and threw out the Report without presenting evidence to the contrary which Jackson is required to do by the Rules of the Federal Code. Jackson did charge Joseph Newman over $11,000.00 for the Report. And the injustices against Joseph Newman continues to this very day.

In an effort to secure for him a special Congressional Patent (directly issued by Congress), eleven different Democratic and Republican U.S. Congressmen introduced eleven separate Bills on his behalf. [All 11 Bills were blocked, however, by a powerful democratic Congressman -- Robert Kastenmeier -- who has since been voted out of office.] NOW IS THE TIME to introduce NEW Bills calling for a Congressional Patent to be issued! Joseph Newman also received the endorsement from the Mississippi House and Senate, the Republican Study Committee of Congress, and the New Orleans City Council.

Regarding Joseph Newman's 18-year struggle for a U.S. Patent, Congressman Robert Toricelli said: "This is the greatest conspiracy against any human being in the history of humanity!" And the Republican Study Committee of Congress wrote: "Joseph Newman has received arbitrary and unfair treatment at the hands of the Patent Office and Federal Judge Jackson. Congress should act because the Executive and Judicial branches have failed this American citizen. In light of Congress' oversight responsibilities and the fact that it is empowered by the Constitution to issue patents, the fact that the preponderance of evidence is in Newman's favor, and the fact that this invention is potentially beneficial to hundreds of millions of people, it is totally in order for Congress to grant Newman a patent and to allow the American marketplace to decide the value of this invention."

If possible, please send us copies of any correspondence you may receive from your Congressmen and Senators regarding this issue. [See Sample letter to officials below] Thanks!

Back To the Home Page Of Joseph Newman__ E-mail address for Joseph Newman_ Attn:Evan Soule


We encourage you to send letters to your Congressman and Senators, asking
them to introduce Private Relief Bills in Congress to provide Joseph Newman
with a Congressionally-issued patent.  [Congress does have the power to do
this and there is _no_ cost to the American taxpayer!]  If possible, please
send us any replies you may receive, such that we can provide a response,
as appropriate.  Replies should be sent via Email:
or use our regular postal address: 

11445 East Via Linda, NO. 416
Scottsdale, Arizona 85259
(480) 657-3722
Here is a sample letter:
[but it is always best if you write it in your own words]

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And Here are some helpful links to locate the officials in your area.

Senators and House Representatives

Thank you for your interest and for your help!!

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