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The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman: Section II

Technical: Presents extensive (and periodically updated) information about the revolutionary energy machine technology innovated by Joseph W. Newman.


An Invention Whose Time Has Come

Reference: Albert Einstein's lecture on Ether and the theory of relativity given in 1920.
Special thanks to Brian Snyder for the above post to the Newman-L Mailing list

Commentary: NOMENCLATURE and Gyroscopic Particles From Evan Soule' post date: 9-4-1997

For over thirty years, inventor Joseph Newman has been innovating a revolutionary technology which will TOTALLY DECENTRALIZE our access to energy and provide an inexpensive, non-polluting form of electromagnetic energy which will replace ALL present forms of energy production.

Consumers across the planet will be able to install a Newman Motor/Generator in their homes, boats, automobiles, appliances, farm/factory equipment, and DISCONNECT from local utility companies. Eventually, all appliances will internally include a Newman Motor/Generator which will allow universal access to electromagnetic energy at a FRACTION of the present cost.

As a result, energy costs will plummet as this new technology goes online across the world, thereby having profound economic and sociological implications.

In essence, the energy generated by this machine is harmless, non-polluting, and will replace ALL present forms of energy generation. With the energy machine, every consumer can make a one-time purchase of a unit that could be installed in one's backyard and virtually unplug themselves from local utility companies. The energy machine can also power all land, sea and air vehicles and would eliminate the polluting effects of the internal combustion engine. Joseph Newman has been featured on CBS, CNN and ABC National News, LIFE MAGAZINE, PBS All Things Considered, in thousands of newspapers across the country and on the TONIGHT SHOW. Eleven different United States Congressmen introduced Congressional Bills seeking patent protection for this technology. Joseph Newman has also received support from over 30 scientists who signed Affidavits attesting to the validity of the energy machine, as well as the endorsements from a former U. S. Commissioner of the Patent Office, the Mississippi House and Senate, the Republican Study Committee of Congress and the New Orleans City Council.

If you have a Real Audio Player you can listen to this sound clip from eyewittness news reporter Garland Robinette by clicking on the Real Audio logo. (excerpt from the Newman Audio/Video archives)

You can download the Real Audio Player FREE! from here as well as find out the system requirements etc...

The Newman Motor/Generator uses the VOLTAGE from a battery pack or other source to "excite" the atoms of the copper coil in the Motor/Generator and therefore generate a magnetic field which supplies the energy to power the system. The Newman Motor/Generator does NOT consume this voltage. This VOLTAGE is like the brake fluid in your car which supplies a constant hydraulic pressure to the brakes, but is not consumed. ALL traditional motors that exist throughout the world have been built to utilize HIGH CURRENT and LOW VOLTAGE. [If batteries are used with this system, the batteries ARE RECHARGED as the Motor/Generator operates!]

The Newman Motor/Generator utilizes LOW CURRENT and HIGH VOLTAGE. This simple difference allows the unit to "run cool" and means that the revolutionary Newman Motor/Generator will change the face of energy production across our planet! For the first time, everyone will have access to inexpensive, abundant energy at a fraction of the present cost!

A number of individuals across the world have build their own prototypes using the information supplied in the book,"THE ENERGY MACHINE OF JOSEPH NEWMAN."

At a recent public demonstration of this technology, Joseph Newman operated the newest production model of his Motor/Generator: during the demonstration, from 8:00am to 8:00pm, the Newman Motor/Generator was attached to a Grainger Reciprocating Pump and pumped 1 gallon of water per minute at 12 PSI at the Lucedale, Mississippi City Park. The voltage source (which was not consumed) was a local alternating current connection to the Newman Motor/Generator through a convention house watt meter. When a CONVENTIONAL MOTOR was operated on this system, the dial on the house watt meter (hooked in line) proceeded to revolve, indicating that external electrical energy was being consumed.

During the ENTIRE 12 hours that the Neman Motor/Generator pumped water, the house watt meter dial DID NOT MOVE. Moreover, for the entire 12 hour period the Newman Motor/Generator ran COOL. The news media, city officials and representatives of the local power company observed and corroborated these results.

Joseph Newman is now seeking individuals throughout the world who would be interested in establishing Manufacturing Agreements to produce this technology.

In his endorsement of this technology, physicist Dr. Roger Hastings writes: "The future of the human race may be dramatically uplifted by the large scale commercial development of this technology."

Dr. Robert E. Smith, Chief, Orbital and Space Environment Branch, George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA writes: "If the manner in which Joseph Newman conducted his experiments and the results were made known to the industrial or engineering community then, in my opinion, several companies and/or individuals possess the expertise and capabilities to construct the hardware required to fully exploit the apparent capability of his new concepts."

Dr. E. L. Moragne, Moragne Research & Development Co., writes about Joseph Newman: "You have opened an area in Astrophysics which may revolutionize the magnetic energy problems which is now the most paramount problem in future energy and space travel. I do believe with proper research funds, the results would not only be a great financial boon to your financiers, but would lead to developments that will be practical and beneficial to all mankind and develop a new step in science."

[Dr. E. L. Moragne was an electromagnetic pioneer in the development of the first atomic bomb.]

Ken Arno, Research Director at G.E.R.D., Co. writes: "I can speak with a 'personal knowledge' and 'hands-on-experience' when I talk about the collapsing magnetic field phenomena in a coil. We here at G.E.R.D. Co. and everyone else who makes use of electrical circuits have always considered the collapsing field effect to be a nuisance because, when using a mechanical relay coil in an electronic circuit, it would cause a current to be pumped back into our circuit, creating havoc.

"One solution to the problem of C.E.M.F. was to install a diode across the coil leads and when the power was removed, the C.E.M.F. caused a current to flow which passed through the diode and to be dissipated as heat in the coil itself and not in our circuit.

"The fact that this effect has for over one hundred years been viewed as a problem to be designed out of electrical systems is the reason no one until you, Joseph Newman, had seriously considered it as a source of abundant free energy. Everyone knew it was there, but no one recognized its potential."

The following is from a Letter (P. McLain) to the Editor in the MOBILE PRESS REGISTER:
"Never having met, talked with, nor had financial dealings with Joseph Newman, I read his book, THE ENERGY MACHINE OF JOSEPH NEWMAN. After 30 years in the electrical profession I felt eminently qualified to debunk his claim . . . In the second chapter, I sat up in bed and shouted, 'He's got it!'"

If Michael Faraday were alive today he would claim that because of the manner in which electric motors are constructed today --- utilizing HIGH current and LOW voltage --- we have YET to discover the true nature of electromagnetism.

Joseph Newman unequivocally states that ALL electrical motors built to date are constructed with built-in inefficiencies since they should be operating with LOW current and HIGH voltage.

The energy machine is a physical embodiment of Joseph Newman's Technical Process which represents a MECHANICAL unification of the gravitational, electromagnetic, and nuclear fields. Joseph Newman hopes that someone with the requisite ability will use his MECHANICAL unification to formulate a mathematical unification. Such an accomplishment would be similar to the manner in which Michael Faraday's MECHANICAL work led to MATHEMATICAL theories developed by James Clerk Maxwell.

[Although Michael Faraday was mathematically illiterate, he was a MECHANICAL genius.]

The theories of Joseph Newman also represent a PRECISE, MECHANICAL explanation of the phenomena of magnetism (outside of Joseph Newman's work, magnetism is not currently understood in the mechanical sense) and the principle of "action of distance." When one understands the mechanical nature of the energy discovered by Joseph Newman, then one can understand how it would be possible to build a technical application capable of harnessing such mechanical motion (energy).

(This and much more is discussed in the SPECIAL REPORT Section 1)

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A free, public demonstration of this revolutionary technology was held on Monday, February 5, 1996 in the Alabama Ballroom, Adams Mark Hotel, 64 So. Water Street, Mobile, Alabama. Contact: (601) 947-7147 about this demonstration. A VHS film ($34.95) featuring the Mobile demonstration is available from the

The book entitled THE ENERGY MACHINE OF JOSEPH NEWMAN represents over 30 years of scientific research and discloses the principles and technology required to create a totally new method of energy generation via "an invention whose time has come." This 580-page book (8.5 x 11") represents the lifetime work of inventor Joseph Newman and contains over 200 illustrations, more than 50 photographs, and numerous charts/graphs. The book is hard cover with a leather-finish and may be ordered by sending a $79.95 check or money order to:


11445 East Via Linda, NO. 416
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