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Joseph W. Newman

Presents the political and economic position of Joseph W. Newman and The Truth & Action Party.
Any honest-thinking President should be able to do the following -- And I promise before God that I can and will...

image Do away with the deficit forever.

image Not only reduce your taxes, but do away with your taxes.

image Put people to work.

image Stimulate incentive to effect tremendous productivity.

image Not only allow you and your children to buy a $70,000 home for only $200 per month for 30 years -- instead of the present, financially draining cost of $700 per month for 30 years -- BUT: cause this same beneficial effect to be multiplied on all consumer products and the cost of companies to do business.

image Send all children through college at NO COST.

image No interest on personal or business loans. ALL loans INTEREST-FREE.

image Change present destructive system of Fear & Greed Economics of U.S. into:

Ever-increasing productive economies that decrease cost of companies doing business -- all the way down to consumer; while simultaneously increasing profits and guaranteed longevity of companies and gain of more and more materialistic items by the consumer, with less and less expenditures of their income.

In short, turn the control of the U.S. back over to the people as our forefathers intended!

Question: Where do you find a Man of such Great Courage, Vision, Understanding and Knowledge with a love for humanity greater than his own life?

Answer: Look & Listen to Joseph Newman -- world-publicized creative thinker and what he teaches through Truth & Action Party.

Question:Will running for president help to bring this technology forward for all mankind?



I hope you now ask, "How will he do this?" When you ask this, then YOU begin thinking. The solution is beautifully simple and only requires that we do away withFear and Greed.

Economics -- An ancient record of stupidity for intelligent people. If you doubt I can do the above, not only should you read the following pages -- you need to MASTER THEM to ensure the well being of you, your children, and the children yet to be born.



Click on the Real Audio logo to hear Joe Newman on the tonight show with Johnny Carson.
If you do not have a real audio player you can get it FREE! here.

Joseph Newman's appearance on the TONIGHT SHOW generated the greatest audience response (by telephone and letter) in the history of the show.
My Life's Work proves that I have no ulterior motive in presenting the Truths which I state other than to serve all humanity -- from the business person to the humblest worker.

Throughout history, typical politicians have been motivated by Greed and Power. They have played a "SHELL GAME" with the people -- a SHELL GAME which consists of false promises that wreck the hopes and dreams of the people and cause despair.

Do you really want to trust 21st Century Economics to the typical 20th Century Politician?

Other credible individuals have already been quoted as describing me as "AN ORIGINAL THINKER." (via exposure of my Life's Work in the national media)

My Life's Work proves that I am Dedicated to the service of humanity for the guidance of happiness and prosperity for all. And because I love and value humanity above my own life, I am fearless in this worthy endeavor.

I, Joseph Westley Newman, Founder of the TRUTH AND ACTION PARTY, represent the essence of the spirit of the Declaration of Independence and have been quoted by others as being "A very honest, courageous man who is an original thinker."

If your anything like me, you do not like the average politician. In fact, I despise the average politician. My Life's Work represents the very opposite of the ethics and integrity of the average politician. Therefore, I make myself available to serve you as a candidate of the *Truth and Action Party for the presidency of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
* The Truth and action party is not just another Third Party.


To what is written below, your first unthinking reflex will probably be: "It's too good to be true."
My Response: I was told this same unthinking statement throughout the past thirty+ years during development of the Energy Machine technology.

Fact: With respect to my Energy Machine technology, I AM NOW PROVEN CORRECT!
Fact: I am also proven correct in regards to what I will share with you now below.

Question: Are you willing toTHINK?

Fact: Greed (in the form of Inflation) has always been the "bullet that kills the goose which lays the golden egg." This Greed destroys the purchasing power of the People which results in layoffs, fear, depression (both economic and psychological), as well as causing personal and corporate bankruptcies.

Keep the above Fact foremost in your mind as we present this simple solution. Keep the above Fact in your mind, instead of any type of Greed.
Based upon my love of humanity, my purpose is to serve all of humanity and to help generate happiness for people in all walks of life.

Because of my experience and background, I have been gifted with the ability to visualize solutions and understand many diverse subjects. In fact, as a young man -- when I was writing down my thoughts on many different subjects -- I would ask of myself... "WHY ARE THESE THINGS SO OBVIOUS TO ME AND NOT TO OTHERS?"


Let me now try to make the truth that I see, obvious to "You."

Consider the little town of Lucedale, Mississippi where I live. Let's pretend that I give each of its 2,000 residents $1,000,000.00 with the following stipulations:

1. Every penny of each person's gift must be spent in Lucedale, Mississippi.
2. No store in the town can raise the price of any of its products -- not even one penny.
3. No one can increase the cost of land (rent, sale prices, etc.), buildings or labor costs -- not even by a penny.
4. All the recipients of their respective $1,000,000 gifts must spend this money within one year.
5. All people in the town must keep working.

Can you not see (as I have always seen) that there would be a tremendous economic boom in the town of Lucedale? The merchants throughout the town would be selling their wares, their land, their buildings, cars, etc., at an exciting, cheerful rate. The people would be buying the products that they have always wanted, at an exciting and happy pace. Employment would increase at an equally exciting rate.


Now let me place Greed back in this equation.
Repeat the same experiment with the town of Lucedale, except this time change items 2) and 3) above, i.e., allow stores to: raise prices for products and allow increases in the costs of land, buildings and labor.

What would now happen?
Answer: Instantly, all prices -- from land to labor to car repairs -- would skyrocket! Resulting in Only a few people reaping most of the money while the majority of the townspeople would receive only a very, very small portion of the items described above.

*Note: Only a few people are now happy and excited about they're future. THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE ARE MADE UNHAPPY BY THE GREED OF OTHERS!

At first you might ask, "If this is so simple, why hasn't it been done before?"Answer:GREED.
Imagine that you were giving the $1,000,000.00 to every individual in the town of Lucedale, Mississippi. You visited the business people of Lucedale and asked them if they wanted the above-described financial arrangements with items 2) and 3) -- as described above -- removed or left in the deal?

Answer: You know that they would want items 2) and 3) removed from the deal.

Reason: GREED. They would make more money faster with less effort on their part . . .THIS IS THE SAME REASON WHY THE FOUNDERS OF THIS COUNTRY AND ALL POLITICIANS OF THIS NATION HAVEN'T DONE THIS BEFORE! The proof is as follows:

Fact: The Federal Reserve System DOES NOT belong to the people of this nation nor does it answer to the people, nor is its Director even appointed by the people. Why?

Answer: Because the Power Brokers own the Federal Reserve System. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar or is totally uninformed.

Fact: To every businessman in this country: You DO NOT control your company's destiny -- the Power Brokers do!

Fact: At any time they wish, the Power Brokers can raise your interest rates high enough to put you out of bussiness if they so CHOOSE to and will obtain possession of your assets.

Fact: This happened throughout this nation in the early 1980's with 20% interest rates.

Fact: To the People -- they do the same to you!

Fact: Thomas Jefferson warned us when this country was founded. He warned us not to let the Banking interests obtain financial control of this country. By a shell game of trickery and deceit, these interests took financial control of this country In 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve System and the institution of the Income Tax.

Fact:> If I were elected President I would immediately turn the Federal Reserve System over to the people!

Fact: There would be NO debt, because the people then OWN the Federal Reserve System and this newly-managed system would charge NO interest to themselves.

Fact: All banks throughout the country would be owned and operated by the Federal Reserve System which in turn would be owned by the people.

Fact: All Federal Reserve System owned banks would offer loans to qualified businesses and people at NO interest.

Fact: Growth, productivity and consumer buying would skyrocket under this system.I ask the reader to please keep this thought in mind: Greed has ALWAYS been the "bullet that killed the goose that laid the golden egg" even in ancient times!

You should think and say to yourself: I do not want the ancient stupidity of Greed and Fear to control my company's or my family's destiny, since Such Greed and Fear always result in unhappiness for both.

Fact: In college, I was so good at economics that my professor had me teach the class whenever he saw that the students were getting bored.

Fact: Active even as far back as 1967, I wrote to President Johnson stating that (as can be seen in a letter reproduced in my fundamental book -- THE ENERGY MACHINE OF JOSEPH NEWMAN): "Economics is simply a thought tool as to how to intergrate most efficiently the use of man power with machine power."

I will now say something to you that at first will shock you -- simply because many of you have never questioned the political status quo.



Fact:Taxes are NOT needed if the ancient stupidity of Greed and Fear are eliminated from the economic equation.

Fact: In the new arrangement, the Federal Reserve System -- which would be owned by the people -- would simply print money as needed to operate the United States. [Greed and Fear have been removed from the equation.]

Question: Why would an intelligent race of human beings create a system of ever-growing taxes which in turn takes more and more money than the People (Golden Egg) produce at their jobs, and from the business people who establish the companies of this nation?

Question: Why would the People (Golden Egg) and the companies create a system wherein they pay a multiplying interest rate on loans from the beginning of a company's production [that is passed on to the People (Golden Egg) in the cost of finished goods which the People buy,] and then the same People (Golden Egg) are taxed once again when they borrow money to buy the finished goods? And with some of the People's most important purchases (e.g., their homes), they pay three times or more the cost of the home because of Interest. Greed.

Reason: This Federal Reserve System has deliberately been established by Greedy Individuals wanting power over the People (the Golden Eggs of our Nation)!

We need to turn the Federal Reserve System back over to the People and remove Greed and Fear from the equation of economics. Have the banks offer loans to businesses and the People (Golden Egg) at NO INTEREST.

Retirees would always be cared for, and the truly needy people would be cared for. Medical coverage for all people would be covered, etc. (Greed and Fear have been taken out of the equation.)
Question: How do you take the ancient stupidity of Greed and Fear out of the equation?
Simple: Fix the prices of ALL raw materials, products, services and salaries at fair market prices.
In the South, when hurricanes devastate an area, laws have been passed to financially punish those people attempting to GREEDILY benfit from the MISERY of others.
The well being of companies and the people of this nation is critical at ALL TIMES! Will we not be wise enough to at least do as much for ourselves, our loved ones and each other?
Enacted,the manufacturing and buying power (Golden Egg) of the People would Sky Rocket!

Wal-Mart beat the heck out of its Greedy competitors! How? By in essence doing exactly what I am saying in this report.
Note: Throughout his life, the founder of Wal-Mart was a very humble man.
If my teachings are enacted, the growth and prosperity of companies and of the people will phenominally surpass any other people throughout history.
With the expansion across the planet of the energy technology I have spent my life bringing forth, productivity will be increasingly mechanized. However, companies do not fire people: they simply have them work less hours for the same pay.
The reason is simple: THE PEOPLE ARE THE GOLDEN EGG.


You must keep them working as much as possible to sell your products. Everything you do should ensure this result.
The worker does not ask for a raise in salary. Reason: Simple. Your buying power goes up because mechanization makes you more productive which reduces prices and your buying power increases proportionally.
At this time your buying power is less than that of your parents during the 1950's because of taxes and interest: GREED. In the 1950's, the husband "brought home the bacon and paid the mortgage without difficulty." Now, both a working husband and wife have difficulty doing this and their children suffer as a result! This is one reason why "family values" have suffered in this country.
To Companies: I teach a system that guarantees the perpetual buying power of the People.
To the People: I teach a system that guarantees the happiness for you and your children.
Companies and the People (Golden Egg) BOTH keep the profits earned from the "sweat of their labors." -- with NO TAXES.
While stationed in the service in Puerto Rico from 1956 to 1958, I saw such a disparity between the wealth of the few and the misery of the many that I quit believing in God. [I now know for a fact that God actually was placing a fire in my soul for the people!]
I made myself a vow while standing on a mountain in Puerto Rico: I would live my life to make a difference for humanity. Accordingly, I began thinking and questioning when I want to college in 1959 and took Economics. As a result, these thoughts have been formulating in my mind over many years. As I have said above in this Report, I wrote to President Johnson in 1967 and made the following vow: "I would not be satisfied with myself until I had put forth a merger between mechanization and economics."
I have lived that Vow. To the companies and to the People (Golden Egg): help me destroy the Dragon of Greed and Fear put forth by a few that is a giant foot upon our throats . . . a foot which periodically chokes you and then allows you to breath . . . a foot which repeatedly has done this throughout history.
THINK:MONEY HAS NO VALUE OR DEPENDABILITY. ITS VALUE FLUCTUATES UP AND DOWN! Yet the present evil system does exactly that. The tragedy of broken dreams and hopes of companies and of the people is clearly graphed and described in the history of economics. [Examine the economic charts and graphs in any textbook and view the many economic depressions over the past 200 years!]
This tragedy repeatedly takes the form of INFLATION and DEPRESSION!
To the student: economics is the most important subject you can MASTER. Its understanding is paramount to the orderly fulfillment of the subject or profession which you choose for your life. It is paramount to the fulfillment of the happiness and dreams of your family.
Example: Did you know that in 1694 William Patterson essentially became the owner of the Federal Reserve System in England? In a moment of boasting, Patterson stated:
This is exactly what the Greedy Power Brokers did in 1913! They did so by conspiring to control and achieve the ownership of the Federal Reserve System of the United States to this very day. And I have demonstrated to you how this brings misery and despair to both the people and to the small companies of the United States.
This system represents an evil scheme by a Few against the People of the United States. These same Few hound and mentally/financially torture you the People with their SHELL GAME OF DEFICIT SPENDING.
Their puppets -- the politicians of the Republican or Democratic parties -- endorse their deception to you the People. I know from personal experience that these Few think you are stupid and that you will never see the TRUTH.
But Iknow that you are like a Majestic Sleeping Tiger and that:


File a Writ of Mandamus against your state politicians if they try to stop you as they blatantly violate the U. S. Constitution! Obtain petitions and have the Truth and Action Party on your ballots within your state. I understand what they are doing to you -- even if you do not. I know how to destroy their evil manipulation of both you and your loved ones. My life's work proves that I love humanity more than my own life. My life's work proves that I have been gifted with great intelligence and common sense.
Question: What do you then think I would do for you if you chose me for your President?
Note: Other great men who loved humanity warned us of this same Evil Deficit:
Benjamin Franklin said: "The burden of debt is as destructive to freedom as subjugation by conquest."
James Madison: ". . . a Public Debt is a Public curse . . ."
Thomas Jefferson: "If Americans ever allow banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless."
THINK!This is exactly the position of many of our children across the nation today!

I know without any doubt that God has not intended for a few greedy individuals to control and manipulate the people of this nation, nor to destroy at this very time the hopes and dream of you and your children. Accordingly, God -- at a time I knew not as a young man -- put fire in my soul to change the above-described evil to GOODNESS AND HAPPINESS FOR ALL. God put His foot upon the throat of the Founders of the Nation so that they wrote and signed their names and their sacred honor to this Truth of God in the Declaration of Independence.
Once again,I urge you to place Joseph Newman for President, Truth and Action Party, on your state ballot. File a Writ of Mandamus (which means that political representatives of the people have violated the LAW against the PEOPLE they are supposed to serve) against any evil politician who tries to stop you, as this would blatantly and criminally violate the Constitution of the United States of America.
Make copies of what I teach here and pass it along to others. Ask them to do the same with their friends and associates.
Remember, the Power Brokers own, control, and dictate their terms to most major news media.
You, the people, must pass it along to others.

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