Theatre Continued


This kickass pic was taken after her venture at a marilyn manson convert. She has been to so many shows that i'm endlessly
jealous, and amused that her mom's one request was to tell manson that he has a nice bum. hee hee.
Danella makes neato clothes and beautiful art. She's going to school with hope of becoming a doctor... or something that plays
with dead things. She's lou's adopted daughter, and her and craig have one son, dallas. I think dallas was demoted to family
pet though. Now we just go out to the bar and make fun of twinkie girls who scream in movie theatres, finger 11 and adam.
It's a good life :)

comic donny

Who apparently doesn't  photograph well, so he gave me this random bit of anime to represent him. I don't ask, because frankly I don't wish to know. He is (obviously) a huge anime fan, particularly those involving giant robots. He also prefers RP involving giant robots, such as robotech campaigns. He flies planes and hopes to someday join the millitary and drive tanks and make stuff go boom. I guess it's good to have goals. :)

This would be my raverish friend...kind of. I don't acctually have any pics of him at the moment, but "view picture" on this parcticular one just to get the spiffy quote on the lower right hand side. PPP's pretty a raver liquid way. I never fail to be amused by him. One late evening we were in our local coffee shop playing truth or dare, and somehow we ended up buying condoms in seven eleven loudly proclaiming we were going to use them to have sex. lots of sex. then we gave the condoms to some twinky chicks at a bus stop. Some times I worry about the town I live in where three minors can get away with such actions. ah, logic- er something. Heeeee, he just designed our college's newspaper's web page. Yay pete!

This is Georg (pronounced George, but spelled different 'cause she's special!)... Umm, yeah, she is a wonderful seamstress, and has left our meager little town to seek her fortune as such. She's got some awesom tattoos (I'm hoping to do a tattoo page, so it's on my mind...) and she designed both herself. Her art works gotten really good in the past few years, and i'd post some but she hasn't sent me any. Umm, she's very curious, in a most cat like way.  Umm, O! yeah, she hosted the corporate piggy awards last year, which is just double awesome... yah. :)

This is Dark Elf. He's a very quiet fellow. But he's an awesome role player, and very good at designing web pages. He's very interested in meeting new people.. He's got an awesome g/f.  He's always lookin for new friends so if yer interested icq @ 37153499. He also has a little white cat fammiliar named Fayde, who's cute and evil all at once. This pic is of him in a halloween costume from last year i think... he's just all gothic and stuff. Personally I think he should have gone in drag again, but he always acts too demure as a female, and it's just not his personality. heeee...


                                                me sis-tar 'n her kiddies

This is my younger-older sister (I have two older sisters by blood) and her two kids, jacobean and autumn. Heather's a hippy sort, with a thing for long haired buskers. She's neat and should have become an artist, though there isn't much money in the field. She's a huge fan of the works of Waterhouse. This is most noticeable in the fact that, like me, she dyes her hair red constantly. Funny thing about that is that neither of us have any natural red in our hair at all. Her son is an increadibly bright boy with a flair for mischief, and her daughter who's barely two already knows how to manipulate people simply by looking cute. (I haven't a clue where she gets it from). She also has another daughter now and a fiance. creepy.

                                                                                                                              The Bear
This is the infamous 'Bear River' bear. It doesn't really have any sifnificance to my life other than this really odd pic of mmy doing something sick and perverted with it... Oh yeah, and Nuget wants to take it off drinking some time. Ah, those were the days!


      Meet steve... I don't have much to say about steve. I mean he's a pretty cool guy, and we hung out with Mmy one night and got sugar rush off of pop rox and slurpies, but mmy knows him better than I do and should probably have done the write up for him. Oh well. This is a neat pic because Mmy did it and it was his first attempt to draw someone that actually came out looking exactly like the person he was trying to depict. When I find the "gospel of steve" I will post it on his head... I mean in the page not in real life. :)


Ya know what, screw this! I'm not makin any more bios unless you specifically request, with your own write up and yer own damn picture. I'm not doing this anymore. My creative juices have ceased flowing in this sector. This project is over!