The Theatre

                                      (of fools and egos)
    This area is called the theatre because I found most of these people in the theatre of my highschool. And thus, this is where I leave them.

  "You probably think we're all just a bunch of tumor head things that fall off cliffs and make dooky jokes.
It is untrue! We are simply assuming roles!! Thespians, everyone of us!!"

                                                   -Bad Art Collection
                                                 Jhonen Vasquez

  The Theatre Committee

   We used to hate people. Now we just make fun of them. It's more effective that way.


                                                                                                               Mmy, of sorts.
This would be my best friend, who goes by many names, mmy, Lou, Dave, God, Pepito... none of them his own. He is a bard, thespian, starving artist/sandwich artist and god of coffee. He is my non-paternal twin brother, born six months after me. He's 21, and a cancer so he's crabby in the morning. He's such an excellent artist, and some of his work (including the one you see before you) is posted about the site. He also has this annoying habit of constantly shaving his head!  Although he's turning ninja-ish,  I still love him. We went out fer a week, but it didn't work out. I guess that's life. I think the lesson is, if someone feels like a brother, you shouldn't date him.

He needs a better job, and he really doesn't listen to that much ambient techno.

comic lou



Marylou Potts is a gifted wicca with a strong earth alignment. She claims to hold ravens as her closest animal connection. One day, together, we found a daffodil clossed up. Each of us touched it and went to the other side of the small island it was on, when we returned 3 minutes later, the daffodil was in full bloom. That's what you get when two earth elements get together. Mighceph is my grandaughter, and a very talented singer and artist. She's also very beautiful, but a sagitarius, so she's quite volitile. Hmmmnonny! 

comic mar


Oh, my pretty spiral eyed girl! I've known this collapsed child longer than any other person who isn't related to me, and she will always hold a special place in my heart. She's an amazing writer with a bad grrrl attitude, that is unfrotunately fading away as she gets older and more jaded. She's a firm believer in better things, and going to school for that end, i think. She's a strong advocate for pretty power and all things PLUR. She makes me smile, even though all of our conversations end up self absorbed and self pitying. alas alas here's to better things , m'dear. check out her new page here
comic poly 

Dis'z my ex-boy Odam (we went out fer 11 months). He's my grandson and twin brother of Mighcelph. He's talented with physics and technology and currently training to be a heavy duty mechanic. He loves stuff about the universe, and has more mathematical knowledge than I could contain without throwing up. He also knows more about knives and swords than any healthy individual should. My favorite Odam story is that he used to talk to guys about working out and the other guy would be like "oh, i can bench 300lbs." Odam would say, well, my top was 220. They would then proceed to arm wrestle and Odam would beat the guy, and the guy would wonder why. What he didn't realise was that Odam wasn't lying about his strenghth. I love you ^ . * thanx fer the story! (the pic is one I drew of him in a cafe)

comic spycho


Now for SOmeThINgCOmPLeTelyDiFfeREntT
Meet my rogue-ish, part time kender* friend Nuget. He is my sunshine. A talented actor, he wishes to have his own successful production company some day. He's neat in his own way, typical of fire elements. He's also born on the same day (there's about a ten hour age difference) as Mighcelph. He's my Hermaphrodite son/daughter, with Mmy as his father. Mighcelph, Odam, and nuget #2 are his three kids. He claims to be god and the devil, and also to be interchangeable with his good twin (see below). He's also a massive Roleplaying fan and a huge fan of Monty Python.
                                                   \ | /
                                               - -  : ) - -
                                                   / | \
*For those of you who don't know, kenders are a kleptomaniac race of a.d.d. nome-ish things in ADnD.

comic jesus

Das'z my friend Potato Wedge. She's me n Mmy's mom. She's a talented painter and a horse lover. She's also a part time fire eater/spiner/breather. She's been my introduction to the lovely Society of Creative Anachronysms. She has a damn pretty voice, and talent at cooking. She knows some really kickass vegan recipes! She also knows some really freaky movies. She's  a wonderful seemstress, and has sewn some gorgeous costumes for mideaval and fetish related uses ^.^

comic flamer 

                                                                                                              nuget  # 2 
This is Aaron, nuget's good twin. He is an incredibly nice, very social guy, with wonderful enthusiasm and always seems to be happy. He has a lot of qualities I respect. He has the best quotes, and oodles of stories. His voyage through Britain, Scottland, Ireland and Wales is documented somewhere on this site... He's my grandson. Together we have a daughter, who is three generations in one and is now going out with Mmy.  Everytime I remind him of her, though, he runs screaming from the room, 'cause he doesn't like the idea of having kids. He's neat and has unusually large pupils, so his eyes always seem brite.
He is a performer, a talented writer and he plays the tin whistle beautifully. I never used to be a fan of Simon and Garfunkle before I heard him play their music. I remember at my grad party, Finnabair was fire dancing with a fire staff and he played the tin whistle in the background, it was absolutely spellbinding!
One time, at a bus stop, he threw crackers at me.
I told him I would never forgive him for it and I still haven't. : P

comic politeness man

This is Terri..
If you're curious "help me" is what's written on her forhead. She's an interesting girl, and she's pretty fun to be around. She does some awesome artwork and made this amazing wire and bead butterfly that was sooo gorgeous. She's also training (with Finnabair as her teacher) to do fire staff stuff. Who knows, maybe the three of us will go and busk sometime. Umm, yeah, she also has a really awesome goth wardrobe, and is getting over death by cargos and black t-shirts! She's strongly aligned to water and likes cats lots. Apparently her cat is psycho and launched itself from the roof onto one of her exboyfriends' head. yeah.
Oh, and one night i had a dream that her and odam were gettin married. when i confronted them with this idea, they both were disgusted... i think that's pretty funny.
btw, that's a big-bum-bunny on her shoulder.

comic cat girl

One what is noodly, aka droool, aka creepy uncle bacchus/trapspringer aka: SuperUltraMegaDrooolGodSupremeWorkernutSpongemasterAndNGDiteDelusionalPrinceOfSiam  And17thEunuchToTheSpiderQueenOfZoltarg and all other things eneffible
... well, a rather skewed picture there of- he doesn't actually look like that, he has since shaved the goatee. I think the title says most of his bio. He also is maker of good food things, hooch in various forms, violent poetry, and 20 foot ivy plants. He's self described as having champagne tastes on a beer budget. I think that just about sums it up... I have lots of good stories pertaining to him, but I can't decide to which to relate and you'd probably skip over reading it anyway... oh yeah, and one last thing DO NOT CLICK ON HIS PICTURE unless you are twisted. Clicking that link will steal your innocence.

comic noodle


Mooohahahaha living sped girl/Moofu/ Skippy/ Nitz is finnally revealed! Another "theatre person" the first time I remember seeing  mike, he was yelling at his fellow cast memebers at the top of his lungs in one of the opening scenes of Annie Get Your Gun. heh. Well, now he's persuing a history degree and hoping to be a teacher...the poor confused soul. I finaly think he's gonna be really okay, even after a failed long term relationship, he really is a better person now, and he didn't have to become a jerk to get girls. anyway, if you tell him he looks like dan ackroyd he'll get ticked with, but I think, privately, he likes being told of his simmilar appearance  to that guy from Blink 182.
oh yeah, and while normally i would link his web page to this pick, i'm just tooo lazy. *SO* if you're that interested you can find it in the linx page ^.^

comic fan

                                                                                                         Prairy Girl
This chickie n I have been freinds since we were in grade eight. She's a regular globe trotter, and currently lives in Poland. She's really neat, and sort of hippyish, with damn cool taste in music. This pic was taken of her when she visited my little edge of the planet last summer. It was cool, she got to meet all the theatre peoples, and now writes to mmy more than me. grrrr. Miss you!
She's a spiffy artist and majorly creative. She's been known to have odd stories abute orange mojos, turkeys, and wayward erasers.

comic euro girl


Jaygeek, Batgurrl, Alex, or all three, and perhaps moreso.
This is nuget's girl thang, or at least one aspect there-of. She's an awesome girl, with great taste in clothing, neato cross stitch work-stuff, and an artistocratic up bringing. She's one of the few people I hang out with who makes as many obscure lame pop culture references as i do. :)
check out her webpage (click the pic) and see more pics of the madhouse *as seen in the halloween picture page, and also her spiff poetry. 
One of her costumes this year will be the lead singer of the misfits from Jem (not the horror punk band, the cartoon). She's gonna get Mare to be stormer, and invited me to be the white haired bitch, but i respectfully decline, as i just can't wear those pants. It's for a 80's band party. I'd rather go as robert smith >:)

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  eeehhh! I wanna go hooomme!