The photo album #1:
  Highschool years

The theatre committee

From left to right around the table its mr. sun with the blond hair, mR. FisH, griffon, mighcelph, Nugget @ the head of the table, my eyes pokin out from behind Xan's head, then that's her husband Duke in front of her, Mmy by the bored (if you look closely you can see the Noodle boy pic he drew there) and leprechaun Fraser ducking under his hood. Odam's somewhere behind me...
and that's the theatre committee... Oh the horror, the memories, all of it!


hee  hee, mmy and his b-day gift :)

Mmy n nugget odd, odd, boys!
(sigh, back when Mmy had hair)

Mighcelph in grad get up... mmmmpurty!


"I can dodge bullets"



        alternative to alternative? poor broken eyed spiral girl! the shiner is the unfortunate result of an attempt to save a spoider's life...

(*spoider spoider*)


Leprechaun Dan and mr. Corgan on the super Nintendo...



mmmm, the beaches around Beacon hill are lovely in the summer

Prairie girl in the mountains??

I love this picture
It looks like it belongs on the cover of a movie

WOW! Nuget actually can photograph well! Prairie girl took
this pic and should be commended for it!

Hard Core Hallism


Bitey Dan

Twist....                                                    Shout!

Mare in pritty dress

Mr. Ian, looking like he's got short hair.

  You can just tell he's inches from strangling her

This is supposed to be a picture of me. Get mad at lou for putting his raver candy infested hand in front of it.

alright, alright, so there i am... mmy n yue, and yue n mmy. right... right.

see also family pics

                                                                        Take me home, martha