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Photos of Eucalyptus nitens

Juvenile and adult leaves and bark of E. nitens at Vashon Island Botanic Gardens, Vashon Island, WA.  The juvenile leaves tend to persist fairly high up the tree and look quite different from the adult leaves, as in E. globulus.  This large tree was lost in the December 1998 freeze; however, another E. nitens in the garden survived with only minor leaf damage.

 The juvenile and adult leaves of this tree.

This large E. nitens in Victoria, BC has assumed an attractive habit with a fairly dense crown.  Unfortunately its proximity to the power lines does not bode well for its future.  Photo courtesy and copyright © 1998, The Pacific Northwest Palm and Exotic Plant Society.

This young E. nitens in my garden was grown from a seed of the Victoria tree pictured above.

New growth of the juvenile leaves of E. nitens in early spring.

Stems and juvenile leaves of E. nitens in my garden.

Close up of the stem and leaf veins of the juvenile growth.

A very small E. nitens recently planted in my garden.

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