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Photos of Eucalyptus neglecta

A young E. neglecta in my garden.  This tree is actually several years old but has been severely stunted, because after I purchased it I found that most of its root system had been cut off.  I am surprised it even survived.

A young Eucalyptus neglecta in a 1-gallon pot at Steamboat Island Nursery, Olympia, WA.  If planted out at this size, it would probably establish extremely quickly, since its roots have probably not even filled the pot yet.

These are the leaves of a large E. neglecta in a garden in Yachats, OR.  Although these are technically juvenile leaves, they persist even when the tree has grown to a large size.

 The leaf veins and square stems of the juvenile leaves of E. neglecta.

Eucalyptus neglecta outside Bloedel Hall at the University of Washington in Seattle.  Another mature tree still carrying its juvenile leaves.  (Some trees just don't want to grow up!)

Bark of E. neglecta.

Another shot of the bark.

E. neglecta and the moon in my garden.

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