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Hardy Palm and Subtropical Board


  • Gerry's Jungle - Nursery supplier of palms, cycads and tropicals.
  • Growing Hardy Palms and Subtropicals in Rhode Island - Another of the first hardy palm pages on the web, loads of great information, links and pictures.
  • Oasis Designs - An English nursery, lots of excellent and very comprehensive information and great pictures of a huge variety of subtropical plants.
  • Ortanique - A supplier of palm, cycad and other tropical plant seeds.
  • Palm Production and Culture Resources - From the University of Florida Fort Lauderdale; lots of information, an emphasis on palm problem solving.
  • Palm Trees and other Tropical Pleasures - This page covers the practical aspects of palm and exotic plant care in a detailed, organized way.
  • - German supplier of palm and other seeds.
  • The Cool Tropix - One of the oldest and most centrally loacted hardy palm pages on the web.
  • The Hardiest Palms - A thorough summary of the very hardiest palm species.  Very informative containing lots of pictures, links to sources and information.
  • The Palm Centre - An English nursery specializing in palms and exotic plants; a wealth of information about many palm species, great pictures of rare palms.
  • Virtual Palm Encyclopedia - An extremely comprehensive page about palms and related topics; cold-hardy species not emphasized.

Ian's Palms Page (WA)
Box Turtle Oasis (WA)
Darin's Website (AZ/NM)
Digital Raingardens (TX)
Amazing Gardens (OK)
Gary's Nursery (NC)
Palm Trees at Reedy Branch (NC)
U of Georgia Bamboo Farm and Gardens
Hardy Palms of the NC Piedmont
Brian's Botanicals (KY)
Gary Platt's Galleries (mostly Cornwall)
Palms and Hardy Cacti in Netherlands
The Jungle Garden (Norwich, England)
The Polar Palms of Bulgaria


Australian National Botanic Gardens
The Fern House
Hardy Eucalyptus Page
Cold-Hardy Tree Ferns
The Cycad Pages
Protea Atlas Project
The Eden Project
American Gardens and Arboreta

Hardy Palm and Subtropical Board


There are now so many collections of palm photos all over the internet, it is no longer practical to link all of them to this page. The best approach may be to do a google search of the species you are looking for! Or, go to and do a search! In addition, many of the pages listed above contain vast collections of photos.

A few more palm photo galleries

UK Oasis Garden Gallery
Alain Lucier's Palm Trees in Seattle
Brandt's Palm and Subtropical Tree Page
Cycad Photo Gallery
Daryl's Palm Photos
PACSOA Palm Index
Virtual Palm Encyclopedia Photo Gallery


European Palm Society
International Palm Society
Cactus and Succulent Society of America
Pacific NW Palm and Exotic Plant Society
Palm and Cycad Societies of Australia
Palm Society of South Texas
Southeastern Palm Society
Other Palm Society Chapters


US National Climactic Data Center
WeatherBase Worldwide Climate Data
Western Regional Climate Center
Oregon Climate Service
US Climate Divisions Plotting Page
Weather Underground
NWS United States Weather
The Weather Channel
Current USA Radar Loop
Long-Lead Multi-Season Climate Outlooks
North America USDA zones
North Carolina USDA zones (Bob Snyder)
Georgia USDA zones (Tom McClendon)
Tennessee USDA zones (Jeff Stevens)
Europe USDA zones
Canada USDA zones (rather inaccurate though)
South America USDA zones (Brandt Maxwell)
SE Europe and Asia Minor zones (B. Maxwell)
Africa USDA zones (courtesy of Brandt Maxwell)
China USDA zones
Australia USDA zones
AHS Heat Zone Map (PDF)

Hardy Palm and Subtropical Board

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