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Ian's Palms Page

This page contains messages originating from past discussion on various internet forums, in particular, the Hardy Palm and Subtropical Board and to a lesser extent the Northwest Palms board.  There was once an attempt to archive all interesting information from the Hardy Palm and Subtropical Board, which proved to be impractical.  However, a very small selection of the most interesting (to me) archived information may still be found here, some scanned, some in text format.  It will provide an interesting window into how views of hardiness of certain palms are initially formed, and is the basis for perspectives that come out in some articles I have written about lesser known palms and comments I post on message boards.

Most of this information was posted in 1998-1999.  It contains only information about palms; other subtropical plants are excluded from this archive.  Information origniating from personal correspondence and e-mail was posted with the permission of those involved.  Some posts were consolidated into one scanned page by me when I originally printed them.  As much as I would like to continue archiving interesting information, I regret that it will probably continue to be impractical, and I will probably be adding to this archive very little and very infrequently, if ever.  (Anyway, if too many messages build up, it would be impractical for someone to look through them without some kind of search feature, and that would not work for the scanned material.)  So, enjoy what you see here now!