The star date given in Spoof Trek, 21-10.92, is the actual date the video was shot...  Oct 21, 1992.

The 12 minute animated version took 200 hours to complete.  That works out to about 16 hours per minute.

The wooden stake in front of Alex dematerializing in the live version was a real pain for Rayne to animate around.  In the animated version, an object is also put in front of the dematerializing figures.  That was easy though!

Spoof Trek was originally shot for a Star Trek parody competition for America's Funniest People.  The reference to the hosts of that show, Dave and Arleen, was removed from the Captains Log in the animated version.

Rayne couldn't convince Alex into going to a farm in 1992 to shoot the Tractor scene for the live version, but he added it 15 years later into the animated version.

The animated Tractor scene took 6 hours to complete and lasts 6 seconds.

In the animated version of Spoof Trek, the Hellooo Kitty poster in Capt. Kind's bedroom is not in reference to the Japanese anime character named "Hello Kitty". It is a reference to another animation Alex and Rayne did called "Rocky the Caveman in Hellooo Kitty".

In the animated version of Spoof Trek, the different videos on the viewscreen are all other little projects Rayne has done.

The cartoon bridge in the animated version is the Lion's Gate Bridge in Vancouver, BC.  For the animation it was zoomed out from a size of over 50,000 x 30,000 pixels.  Not something easily accomplished with Flash MX.  The zoom was done in two parts to avoid having to start out at 100,000 x 60,000 pixels.

Alex always bugs Rayne about the part in the live version when he take a deep breath before going into his ramble about the Mind Meld, because he was having trouble remembering that speech.  Rayne put the deep breath into the animated version too.

In the animated version, the scene where Capt. Kind and 1st Officer Rayne are running is based on the opening of the animated show, Venture Brothers.

Many of the backgrounds in the Animated version were drawn based on still shots from the Star Trek TV series and Star Trek Animated series.

In the animated version, the scene where the USS MyHouse turns just before going to warp is 12 layers of animation, as each part of the ship had to be moved individually and foreshortened to get a convincing 3D look.

A long lost alternate ending to Spoof Trek has been found in the archives!
You can view it HERE.