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Welcome to the strategies section of Hydroland.
Here, you will find time honored, never fail,
everyone always uses them strategies.
These strategies are much more reliable
then the ideas of Hydroworld. If you want
to win your water fight, it may be a very
good idea to use some of these... If you
have any strategies you would like us to
post here, please email us from the
contact section. There will be many more
strategies here soon...

1. A great strategy is to set up your team in a way that actually works. If there are 2-3 members, you should just all have the largest guns you can find, and just nail the other team. If your team is anything over 3 members, there is a lot more strategy involved. A good idea if it is 4-6 people is to have a water ballooner that chucks water balloons that he/she has in a big backpack. This person should have a good arm too I guess. There should also be 1 or 2 members with cannons. Their weapons of choice should be a CPS 1000 or larger gun, and they should also know how to use it well. The other members on the team will either be gunners, who have a gun like an XP 110, and run everywhere and shoot, and snipers. The snipers are very important, because they can shoot so many people and stay dry. To be one, you just hide in the bushes with any gun, and shoot whenever you can, without being seen.

2. Another strategy that I always use is to have extra guns, noramlly in a backpack. If I am using any gun that is medium to large size, I will bring a backup too. If you are using a CPS gun, this is important because your primary weapon will lose water so fast. I suggest an XP 90 or smaller. This gun should be in your backpack, and easy to get. It still needs to be heavy hitting, so that you can stand up against a large weapon. I sometimes also have an even smaller special edition mini super soaker, which surprisingly shoots as far as the XP 110.

3. Another very important strategy is to always MOVE! If you are in a battle with someone, and just standing there, there is no way you will stay dry, even if you have a CPS and they have an XP 20. Keep Moving no matter what gun you have, you will stay much more dry. Even if you are huge and can barely get your ass off the couch, move anyways. If you don't you will be sorry.