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Welcome to the ideas section of Hydroland.
Here, you will find ideas that you can use in
your water wars, or with your Super Soakers.
If you were wondering what the difference is
between my ideas and strategies sections,
it is that the ideas are just ideas, and not yet
popular strategies...
If you have any other ideas you would like us
to post here, please email us from the contact
section of the page.

1. A great idea during a water fight is to get yourself (only if you have an XP 105 or larger gun) and someone else with a BIG gun to chase after the smallest kid on the other team until he can run no longer or is trapped. Once he has stopped, drench him has much as you possibly can, so he's dripping everywhere, and he may even get cold if you live to the north. Using this idea, you can soak everyone one by one, but not get wet, because your 2-3 man team will be so powerful against 1 person.

2. On other webpages, I have seen people who had an idea that they claimed works. If you noticed, when you lay down a water balloon mine, and someone steps on it, it will only get their foot wet, which won't do much at all. The idea is to get a pert plus bottle, or another that has a lid that will spray to the side. You fill it fully with water, and bury it with the opening facing up, and just bury it a tiny bit, so that it will actually work. When the other team is running, they will have no chance of seeing it, and they'll step on. What is supposed to happen is that they step on it and the pressure from their body on it will make it spray water in the air right at them. This way, they will get much more wet than just their foot.

3. Another idea that works well, but is not really a strategy is the fill pump and fill more technique. To do this, you much have a gun that has seperate compression tanks, or tank. First, you fill your gun to full. Then, you pump it until the compression tanks are full. You then just fill it up to the top again in the main reservoir. This idea has its up's and down's. On a gun like the CPS 1000 or 1500, I suggest you dont use this, because these guns are supposed to be more manoeverable, so it is better, unless you want to use it as a cannon, to keep the weight down. On a gun like the CPS 2500, this is a very good idea. This gun will literally drain out your water in seconds, so an extra second or two of firing time, could just be one more enemy who is drenched. This idea, is also good on guns like the XP 70 and 110. These guns, are already quite light, and can still be very manoeverable when they have extra water in them.