1. Phobic Nascent

2. "Something is not right here?"
3. Thoughts Outside the Day Room Window
4. What does the color clear look like (?)
5. Silver Tongues
6. Awakened in Emptiness
7. Plethora
8. Someone's Inside the Snowglobe Garden
9. Mercury's Clairvoyance of Epilepsy
10. Embracing these Scars
11. Cherub heals Amy
12. Where the knawing Vein Trilobites Hide
13. Sensory Nerve Cell Chemicals
14. Dried Pills of Lassitude
15. Inexplicable Meditation (...what was left?)
16. Olive Green Vomiting Skeleton
17. Geodone
18. NeuroMoth (Ambulatory EEG Pulsar)
19. Seizure
20. Murmuring Mirror
21. EyeScream
22. Distorted Frequencies, From Extinct Dimensions (Black and White Gyromancy dreams and delusions somewhere inside a quaint living Room. Near the old pipe Organ)
23. Naked under Cloth (Rorschach Tests)
24. Horrifying Adrenaline Visuals