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PANTERA members VINNIE PAUL, DIMEBAG DARRELL, & REX BROWN have teamed up with notorious country/western outlaw musician DAVID ALLAN COE for a project titled REBEL MEETS REBEL.

DAC is to country music what PANTERA is to metal... king of the underground scene. DAC has written classic am/fm radio hits for JOHNNY PAYCHECK and JOHNNY CASH. His own songs have earn serious radio play, such as JACK DANIELS IF YOU PLEASE, TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT, THE RIDE, and MONA LISA'S LOST HER SMILE.

However, DAC will likely be remember for his infamous NOTHING SACRED, UNDERGROUND: ADULTS ONLY, and X-RATED GREATEST HITS albums. Each album was filled with so much lyrical controversy that they were banned in the US. At the time those albums were released, they were far too graphic and nowhere near being politically correct. Without a doubt, those 3 albums are the most rebellious albums in country music history.

It appears as that there is a mutual amount of friendship and respect between PANTERA and DAC. PANTERA often times has played DAC's hit "JACK DANIELS IF YOU PLEASE" as the intro music before the band takes the stage at their concerts. DAC has currently been using a custom made WASHBURN DIMEBAG DARRELL SIGNATURE SERIES guitar with DIME's trademark rebel flag guitar design. DAC is also using RANDALL amps, another DIME favorite. Here is the lastest new on REBEL MEETS REBEL...

From MTV.com 12/27/01:
Currently, the band has six songs mixed, including "Heartworn Highway," "A Man With Nothin' Ain't Got Nothin' to Lose," "One Night Stand," "New York City Streets" and "Get Outta My Life." The title track will be a duet with Pantera singer Philip Anselmo. Paul hopes the band's label, Elektra, will opt to release Rebel Meets Rebel, but if they pass, he plans to shop it to other labels. He expects the record will be released some time between March and the summer.

From MTV.com 3/21/2000:
Drummer Vinnie Paul and guitarist Dimebag Darrell have hooked up with country star David Allen Coe for a project that Paul describes as a "crossover country metal thing." The drummer notes that the three have eight songs recorded already, and they hope to wrap the album up before Pantera launches its European tour in April. Paul also says that they hope to have an album from these unique sessions in stores before the end of the year.

"Being from Texas, not only do we have rock roots, but we listen to country and blues," Paul explained to MTV News recently. "Before our shows, we'd play 'Jack Daniels, If You Please' off of one of his CDs.... He caught wind of it, and we went out to see him when he played Billy Bob's. He was just a super cool dude. It was fun to check him out, and we hooked him up with a couple of our home videos, and he called us back a couple days later and just said, 'Man, these f***ing videos are incredible. I really dig what you guys do.' He knows more about Pantera than I do now."

The fast friendship soon yielded a creative partnership, as Paul explained. "We started hooking up and jamming and doing some tunes, and they're pretty unique. Some of them are just like an up-tempo thrash metal hoedown with a country and western singer," the drummer said.

Paul notes that the project "was just done for fun," and so far that's what it's been.

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