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EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING used a track from TRES DIABLOS on their EXTREME MUSIC CD. TRES DIABLOS is comprised of VINNIE PAUL on drums, DIMEBAG on guitar/vocals, and REX BROWN on bass/vocals.

HEARD IT ON THE X is a original song by ZZ TOP. The cover version TRES DIABLOS made for the ECW CD had DIMEBAG playing the slide on his electric guitar while trading vocal lines with REX.

It is not known if TRES DIABLOS is just a one time collaboration or if the 3/4's of PANTERA will make any more musical contributions in the future under the name of TRES DIABLOS.

Here is what DIME told GUITAR WORLD magazine about the collaboration:
"Me and Rex actually traded off vocals, just like Billy and Dusty do in ZZ. “Heard It on the X” is just one of those tunes that always comes on when you’re sitting around drunk, making you think, “Damn, that’d be a kick-ass song to redo sometime.” We were down in the studio fuckin’ around while we were cutting our last record, and we ended up recording it just for the hell of it. It turned out great, so we just went with it, building on it in our spare time. Then the ECW album offer came along and it seemed right for it."

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