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This website is devoted to everyone who thinks They Might Be Giants suck ass. Membership is open.

Please Welcome our Newest Member, J.D.

Above collage was made by vrya, who is a big TMBG fan. In fact, she is vice president of the nonmembers of this club. She made this for Touchstone's May Fan Art Contest.

Why do we hate them? Let me count the ways and reasons.

"We hate Warren and everyone knows they are his favorite band. Their CD was in his van. Probably. Fairly certain. It should have been."

"I hate They Might Be Giants...they wrote a fucking song called Triangle Man... Lyrically they make no sense. None."

"As for TMBG I've heard exactly 1 song from them, so I can't really form an opinion, but in interviews they always seemed so "Hipper Than Thou", so I can still get down with hating them."

"I've never actually listened to TMBG, but my brother's ex-wife loved them and she was a total wack job so I'm gonna ahead and join the club."

"Hell, I have no idea who TMBG or whatever are, but that's probably because they suck bigtime, so I'm in."

"When I was in I think my sophomore year my boyfriend then was in love with TMBG. He use to sit around all day and just hum or sing their songs. He found out the when Missa was younger she liked the Birdhouse in Your Soul song, so any time he would be around her he would sing her that song. Then he found out she hated the Triangle Man (I always thought it was called Particle man?) song, so he would sing that to her. One day he went too far and she kicked him in the nuts, I then broke up with him. The point of this all being that when I look back, he was almost the same as Warren, looks and attitude. So yes Warren would like TMBG."

"I don't really have anything against TMBG one way or another. I just heard there would be plenty of oral sex opportunities for interns and hating TMBG seems a small price to pay."

"One time, I went up to John Linnell to ask him for his autograph. He just looked at me blankly for a few seconds. Then his face turned three shades of red. Suddenly, he pulled out a switchblade and began carving his name on my forhead!! Two of his ever-present bodyguards held me so that I couldn't defend myself. He screamed,"You want my autograph, you little punk!!?? Wear it for life!!!" Then a bunch of his sycophant fans started cheering as the blood ran relentlessly down my face. John gave me a final kick in the crotch as he turned to walk away. And that's why I hate They Might Be Giants."

Our favorite Forum: Band of Buggered Forum (aka Valerie's Forum) It's where this Club began. Check out Kes's thread on Warren's music taste. Read about Miss Murchison's plans for Spike next year. Send love to Nautibitz. (She is our famous board member, much more famous than They Might Be Giants).

NEW: They Might Be Giants AntiFan Bandfiction! Well extracts here. Thanks Kes. Find out the real reason why Spike hates TMBG soon.

Triangle Man is the song that Beamer hates the most. Right click and hit "save target as" here to download.

Do you have personal issues with They Might Be Giants? Have a story you want to share? Hate one of their songs? Never heard their songs but love Beamer and want to hate them too? This is your chance. Join today. Email Serpentine. She won't know what you are talking about and will think you are crazy, but it will be fun.

Picture of "The Johns"

Actually I went and read fan sites in order to steal this picture. They really are nice guys who are very into computers. They have been best friends for years and they try to write deep and meaningful lyrics. I guess I am saying they are not so bad, but we do not like their music. Damn them for being nice. We are not suppose to like you and I will not start now. I forgot about the day when you guys were on Tech TV. That was cool. But if it had been really cool, I wouldn't have forgotten and started this club.

*Except for the Malcolm in the Middle Theme Song. That's OK.

**Jake pointed out they did the theme from the Jon Stewart Show, which I also kinda like. So OK. Fine. They can do TV themes. Doesn't make them bloody brilliant.

Yes, No, Maybe
I don't know
Can you repeat the qusetion?
You're not the boss of me now.
You're not the boss of me now.
You're not the boss of me now.
And you're not so big
You're not the boss of me now.
You're not the boss of me now.
You're not the boss of me now.
And you're not so big
Ummm, Life is unfair.

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