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Kes--The smartest person I've met besides Miss Murchison. Also English=Good, like Spike.

[Extract from fic called 'Buffybot Behind Bars!'  Willow is discussing sending Buffybot a mobile phone message by Kes]

"The problem is her other systems tend to interfere with the signal, so I couldn't make it reliable enough.  But if we sent her a boosted signal we might just get through.  We can only pray it doesn't jam up any of her other programs - the first time I tried it she started walking around in circles and bouncing off the furniture, singing "You're not the boss of me now, you're not the boss of me now, you're not the boss of me now, and you're not so big - endlessly, for hours."  Willow's face took on a brooding look as she remembered the pain of it.

"Why They Might Be Giants?" said Xander curiously, "I'd expect her to like East 17 or some other boyband thing."

"Warren," said Willow darkly.  "I've been trying my witchy utmost to root all the jerk related stuff out of her program, but she still knows all the words to Triangle Man and she still thinks baseball caps worn backwards are cool - he seems to have programmed that one in right at the beginning.  Of course, she also loves Steps - but that's all her own lousy taste.  I've been playing her some cool stuff, but the only one she's really taken to is Tori Amos going on about cheese and onion sandwiches - I guess that struck a chord with her."

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