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Classic Oz Illustrations

Welcome to my page of Oz art. These pictures are all taken from the famous Oz books. These were all drawn by John R. Neil, unless otherwise specified. I've tried to include all of the 'classical' Oz characters which appear, or may appear in my book. There are a couple of maybes floating about. To all of those who said that they would help to illustrate my book, I thank you greatly. Also, I would suggest drawing Dorothy & Pollychrome, as they are two of my main characters. The other four or five are of my own creation, and I'll try to figure how to get you guys on a consensus on just how to draw them. I might come up with something in the next month, or two. Let me know if you have any ideas!

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Classical Oz Illustration Pages:

The Magic Workers(Ozma, The Wizard, Pollychrome, & Glinda)

The Mortals (Betsy, Trot, Dorothy, etc...)

The Bestiary (The Cowardly Lion, The Sawhorse, etc...)

The Inanimates (The Scarecrow, Scraps, The Tin Woodsman)

Group pictures (Lotsa people from different categories!)

Art by others & myself (^-^)

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