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The Animals:


Oz has just as many important animals as it has people, it seems, some days. Thier powers and intelligence all vary, but each has it's own niche. Most of these are background characters in my book. Enjoy!



The Sawhorse:

The Sawhorse was created by Ozma, during her first adventure. Made compleatly out of wood, it resembles a real horse. It never tires, and it can outrun the wind, if it needs to. It can often be seen pulling the red wagon up and down the countryside, or perhaps Ozma will ride him about her city, to check up on things. He appears as a mode of conveyance at least 3 times, in my story. Here are some pictures of him with riders, with red wagon, and alone.



The Woozy

The Woozy is an interesting creature, to be sure. He's usually quite nice, and kind tempered, but get him mad, and his eyes shoot sparks! He's made compleatly out of cubes and rectangles, and only has three hairs on his body, they're attached to his tail and are spell componets. He's the only one of his kind in exsistence. His skin is like bluish leather, and tough as leather, too. He gets captured in my book.



The Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger

These two are the stalwart defenders of Ozma. The first is afraid of everything, but scared of nothing, if that makes sence. He'll be trembling, but he'll put up one good fight. The other is constantly hungry, hence his name. All that he wants to eat is a nice plump baby, but his consience won't let him. That's a good thing for the Emerald Cities nurseries. :p Minor characters.




Toto is the pet of Dorothy. He currently lives with her in the Emerald City, and has a couple of run-on parts. Toto is cursed, as is his mistress. Instead of him changing ages, he changes breeds. Constantly. These pictures are all from Lost Princess, just to give you an idea. Just look at it! It's amazing. Just make sure he's small, looks like a terrier, and is black.



Hoppers & Horners:

Well, these are really races of people, but they didn't belong in the mortal section, or groups, and I wasn't make a special section just for them, so I stuck them here. They're odd, anywho. Alright, these make an appearance by being talked about. They're constantly having problems with each other, which is bad, cause they live on different sides of the same fence. Hoppers have only one leg, and decorate the outside of their houses. Horners have ivory horns in their heads, hair that goes from orange to yellow to green at the tips, and houses that are decorated on the inside. They mine uranium without any ill effects. In fact, they line the insides of their houses with it. I think I know why these people have got horns or only one leg. :p

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