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In My Spare Time ..........



Imagine sitting in a 12 metre motor launch that sleeps six, is fully rigged for game fishing, and the company with you is congenial. The conversation, naturally, is centred on fishing: who caught that enormous marlin last year; do you remember the tuna that was bitten in half by the shark as we brought it to boat. You know, typical fish tales. The sea is deep blue and there is a gentle swell rocking the boat in a sleepy motion. The tops of the little waves are shimmering from the light of the sun, which warms our backs as we sink a refreshing icy beer. We are anchored in a little cove now, savouring the late afternoon before we make our way to port after a successful day of game fishing. On board, waiting to be smoked and distributed among good friends, are two yellow fin tuna of a decent size and one striped marlin, about 110kg. This is me at play.


This is a disease I have. For those who don't know, it's an absolute mad passion for, and an obsession with, cats. I have mentioned Rudi and Jynx elsewhere, but here is where I get to indulge myself. They were born on 5th September 1998 and I first saw them when they were three days old, eyes closed and mewling loudly for mum when picked up. Their mother's name was Nastassia, which is a bit of a coincidence, bearing in mind my Russian heritage, so when the breeder was choosing names, I asked if I could name the two kittens I would be buying. She agreed and told me this was the "H" litter. All the kittens had to have a name beginning with "H". Now I'm not keen on Harold, Henry or Horatio. And these cats were so graceful in their play, that I straight away thought of Rudolf Nuryev and Vaslav Nijinsky. So I said they would be called Rudolf and Nijinsky. And to comply with the "H" factor, they became Hello Rudolf (Rudi) and Hi Nijinsky (Jynx), both names preceded, of course, with the breeders pre-fix, "Copycat". That is my cat tale.

Sadly, Rudi was killed while crossing the road on 3rd November 1999, just 14 months old.


I enjoy a wide variety of music from 50's pop, country and rock 'n roll, to Queen, to classical. I particularly like Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline & Jim Reeves. And did I mention Charlie Pride. That smooooooothe voice!. Queen are in a class of their own. The world suffered a great loss with the death of Freddie Mercury, but his music will live on as long as he has fans like me. My classical tastes favour the composers of the 18th & 19th century, you know, Mozart, Beethoven, Dvorak, with a special liking for Schubert. To put an even finer point on it, I love violins and can listen to violin concertos any time any place. Picture a cold, wet, windy night: the fire's glowing,the lights are dim, the music's good and so is the company. What more could a woman ask, except perhaps a bottle of fine red wine.


Since late 2006 I have been very much involved with SeniorNet. I was on the steering committee when our local group was being set up and have been on the regular committee ever since. From April 2009, I have held the position of Course Co-ordinator and Membership Officer (fancy name for admin.) and I produce and distribute the quarterly newsletter. I am also a tutor, teaching mostly computer basics.


For about 6 or 7 years I have been involved in one of our local amateur theatrical groups, The Mercury Bay Players, as stage manager. We put on just one show a year on the last weekend in November. It's a musical variety show with singers, dancers and comediens performing skits. The show runs for 3 nights and entry is free for all members and guests of the Mercury Bay Club & RSA.

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