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I was born in Bristol in the UK way back about then and have lived a varied & interesting life. My grandparents, being Russian refugees, lived as stateless people in Cairo and I went to live with them when I was 8, together with my mother and brother. We stayed for a year until our new house just outside London was ready and then we moved back to the UK to be re-united with my father.

Like a lot of other little girls, I was horse mad and spent many happy hours at our local horse-dealers yard doing horsey things. Then I suddenly found that little boys when a bit bigger are not quite so obnoxious. I had to learn to share my time equally, but eventually the balance was upset and I met and married the man who is the father of my three children.

In 1967 My husband, 2 year old daughter and I emigrated to New Zealand, and I have never looked back since. Over the next six years I had two more children, boys. I was divorced in 1979. During my child-rearing days I had various jobs, mostly as typist, secretary, office clerk, until in 1980 I joined the Bank of New Zealand. My career in banking lasted 16 years, during which time I was transferred from the city of Hamilton to the little remote coastal town in which I now live. I finally left the bank in late 1996 and in early 1997 I took up a career in Real Estate. In 2009 I retired. Where on earth did I find the time to go to work???

So this is me, and from here I will create more pages depicting various aspects of my life so far. So read on, and I hope enjoy in sharing some of the things I enjoy and read some of the stories created out of my love for life.

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