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My Teacher, My Friend

Meet Rob. This man is incredible.

From across the other side of the world he has gently taken me by the hand and led me through the beginnings of creating my web site. His patience and kindness are unlimited, and he has a humour that warms my very soul.

And now he has had a holiday in New Zealand with me and spent more time teaching me and showing me things about my computer than I ever knew were possible. He is a goldmine of information. This selfless act of kindness proves that he is one of the world's special people

He is my inspiration

Some people come into our lives and quickly leave;
some stay awhile, leaving footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same again.


These words,
Though penned where the world may see,
Are yours.

World Wide Web -
A dream catcher, weaving dreams on screen.
I'm trapped!

These words,
Winging their way across the world,
Are yours alone.

Penned by Lorna with Love to Rob

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