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By Dave Paradine
Just Havin' Fun!
Wesley Chapel, FLA, just north of Tampa

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Hi All! I am a collector of (you guessed it!) BEER CANS and Florida Breweriana.
I started collecting in the early 70s, on my bike as a kid. My Dad would also help me out by buying some cans that I needed, I think He enjoyed it. Well as time went on.... the cans were boxed and stored until someone gave me the "BIBLE" by Jack Martels (Beer Can Book) in 1997. Then I started to go through it and say "Hey I've got that one."

I started to specialize in Florida Breweries in 2000.
I have now (2003) expanded into Florida Brewpubs. It's been facinating exploring there histories and what they produced (tasting also). My main function of this Web page will showcase my Collection and provide history with each Brewery.
Therefore I am on a QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE!!!

This is a Poor Man's Collection! But my Passion for Collecting Rivals Everyone!
DeSoto BREWING COMPANY 1934-1935/36
Fette Brewing Co. (They applied for permits in 1934 but they fizzled before any Beer was produced.)
JOS. Schlitz Brewing Co. 1958-
Anheuser Busch Inc. 1959-1995
  Auburndale Florida
The Florida Brewery Inc. (and it's many contracted out Breweries) 1973 till present
Atlantic/Marlin/National Atlantic Brewing Co. 1937-1954 - Marlin Brewing Co.1954-1956 - National Brewing Co. 1956-1961

Florida Micro Breweries

Ybor City Brewing Co. 1994 till present

Florida Brew Pubs

In 1987 Florida Law was changed, enabling establishments to produce and sell there own Beer on their premises.
Winter Park Brewing Co. became the first brew pub in Florida owned by Charles Branden.
Many brew pubs have come and gone, so I will start sorting them as "Operational" and then "Awww Wake up Florida"

Taste the Difference!

Tampa Bay Brewing Co. 1997 till present (Excellent Beer - Must Taste)

Saint Sebastiaans - Belgian Microbrewery Springhill, Florida October 2003 till Present

Big River Brewery at Boardwalk Disney 1996 until present

Awww Wake up Florida

Tampa Bay Brewing Co. 1989 to 1991 (not the same as the one in Ybor City)

Fun Beer Pic's
Click this link to find an assortment of Pictures relating to BEER

Florida Dumping
Can you believe there are still some Cans to be dumped in Florida??? Check these pic's out from a recent dig on Saturday March 16 2003

Florida's Own BCCA Affiliated Chapter
We receive 4 Newsletters a year, and 4 GREAT shows a year. We also are not just about Beer Cans, We have openers, glasses, coasters, posters, trays, etc....anything about Beer!!!!

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