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The Masters

Edgar Allan Poe


The Links

See my other page

Annihilator,killer fan site!
Carcass, a very cool fan site
Creed's home page
Megadeth's home page
Cool MEGADETH site
Narcotia's Homepage
Ozzy Osbourne, it is all here, everything you ever wanted to know!
Pantera..If this is not the official page, it will get you there!
The Point of Infinity
This just in, the official Slayer site Sucks! See the unofficial site

ShadowTwin's Friends

THE BLACK REIGN A site where evil lives...

Darkstalker's home page
The Endless Error

Demonkin's Metal Page
Kitty's Koliedoscope
So have you ever noticed that the world has gotten so advanced and hi-tech that it is instant everything and digital graphics, and animation and email, faxes, Hyper text mark-up language and all that crap....well here is proof that the whole world isn't that way go to stick figure world productions and adopt a stick figure, I did
His name is "Limp Stumpy"

click him to go to the 2-d world

Other Links

--O-G-It's-Free..If it is free, you will find it here!

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