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Proud to Be EVIL

I follow no God...I am agnostic.

I do not hate "God", but I believe that since his existence can't be proven, to worship would be a serious conflict between a faith and a known reality.

Does this make me Evil?

"No.", most would say, but it does guarantee me a nice warm arm chair in the nether depths of the deepest hell.

And Why?

For some reason, most organized religions try to force their faith onto me, they claim that they care only for my eternal soul -this may be true, I am not trying to bash any religion- but what I have seen inside the church shows a completely different set of agendas. Faith seems to equal "donation", or, "Pay if you want to go to heaven."

"So I sit back and I think, "hmmm.. I drive a car that is thirteen years old and wear my clothes until they are thread bare, I work my ass off to get each possession that I have." And then I think, "Hmmm..That is a nice '98 Caddy the preacher is driving, and isn't that an Armani suit?"....That leads me to wonder, "Is the deacon stealing God's money?"

I do, of course, understand that a portion of the kitty must be used for the upkeep of the facilities and the wages of the employees, but, where does it stop?

Perhaps I am being completely ignorant to that which I do not understand..-That is fine with me-..I have no intention of paying anyone in a vain attempt to save my eternal soul..And I wouldn't even if I did worship..

For, the way I see it, you must help people in need (not for some damned religious psycho babble, trying to buy a seat closer to God, but because it is morally right), and let me tell you that $250,000 house that the pastor just bought took him right out of my "people in need" list.

..It is because of these views that I am labeled as "evil", so I may as well play the part...Enjoy the skulls and blood...They are my ticket to hell...

I am proud to be EVIL!

..Religion is nothing more than a glorified, organized, mass fear of death..

"I bow down before your precious icon, deity of self suppression, This effigy of flesh, corporal christi, nailed, In submission to this false idol, seeking deliverance from the spiritual heirarchy, Downward spiraling, a corrupt throne of repression and guilt"

from Embodiment by Carcass

"In your mind's eye could you truly believe, that by giving you can save your soul? Could you be so naive? You heal the sick, you raise the dead, you blind the congregation with the things you say, Religious blackmail a deceit of trust, that death will come and all will be lost. Can you hear the serpents call, look deep in those deceiving eyes, ignore the writing on the wall, you should read between the lies"

from Read Between the Lies by Slayer

"Jimmy Reptile and all his friends say they're gonna be with you at the end. Burning records, burning books, holy soldiers, Nazi looks. Crocodile smiles, just wait a while, till the tv queen gets her make-up clean. I've lived in filth, I've lived in sin and I still smell cleaner than the shit you're in!"

from Holy Smoke by Iron Maiden

And now a favorite, short and to the point by the master Dave Mustaine. "I like the way that you stand in line, and beg salvation from an empty sky" from Reckoning Day

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