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MAY - 1998

NADS Win First League Championship

The NADS finished the 1998 Spring Season with a 13-1 record, their only loss to the I. I. S. Ichabods. According to Coach Tom Mobley the key to this season's success was consistancy...."We moved a lot of people around this season and, for the most part, everyone played above the level we needed to win - night in and night out...." his remarks coming after the final regular season game.

NADS Finish "Outa' da' Money"

The NADS came up short in the 1998 Spring Season Tourney finishing 3rd; their only loss (it was single elimination) coming at the hands of eventual tournament champions, The WIRED Weasle Weenies by the score of 13-12. Our "hats off" and congratulations to the Weenies on their undefeated tournament run, we've done it before and know it isn't easy.

NADS 4th in "Spring Classic"

On May 9, 1998 The NADS Softball Club placed 4th in an "invitation-only" tournament sponsored annually by the Del Webb Corporation at the Victory Lane Sports Complex. The "Spring Classic", as it has come to be known, is an all-day marathon, double-elimination, one-pitch tournament with 25 teams of all levels beginning play at 7:00 AM and ending around 11:00 PM that same night. The NADS two losses came at the hands of top two finishers in the tourney. Coach Mobley remarked at the end of the day, "...the infield was dusty, the sun was hot but the beer was cold and free...we'll be back..."

NADS Get Screwed?!?!?

The NADS Softball Club has been dealt a major set-back for the Summer '98 season. In an absolutely incredible series of administrative snafus, the City of Tempe Park's Dept. staff "mis-placed" The NADS registration papers (and fee). They have, after much discussion, decided to refund the money BUT have determined the league is at capacity AND we must find other fields on which to play. As of this date, 5-24-98, we have been unable to secure a spot in any league, at any level, within a 60 mile radius. There are, however, two remaining options;

#1 - A possible spot in a Mesa, AZ "All-Comers" League in which "homeless" teams of all levels play modified ball.


#2 - A potentially open spot in a co-ed "C" League in Chandler, AZ and if that is our only option we'll have to draw straws to see who gets to play in drag. Coach Mobley is the only volunteer at this point, he actually seemed quite anxious. (Claiming Scottish heritage, he's tried to get us to play in kilts before so there may be some hidden agenda here).

We may end only playing in tournaments for the summer (one in Phoenix, Tucson and Santa Barbara, CA?) as soon as we get more definitive information we'll post it here as an update. Players should check this newsletter regularly for updates or use the Automatic Update feature on the Home Page.

Selection Committee Accepting Nominations

The NADS Softball Club Selection Committee is accepting nominations for the Hall O' Fame and the Hall O' Shame. The cut-off date is 6-15-98. All nominations should include the individual's name and any information supporting your nomination. All nominations can be submitted either verbally, in writing or via e-mail to Luke Redo (the e-mail address is at the bottom of this page).

NADS News - January '98