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The NADS Hall O' Fame

Entrance Requirements (Players and Honorary)

There were four nominees for this, the opening year of the NADS Hall O' Fame. The Selection Committee has, after much deliberation, voted to honor two individuals whose achievements for and contributions to The North American Doppelganger Society's Sports Foundation, a non-profit entity, best emulate the spirit of all NADSPORTS Enterprises' motto -"Fun at all costs...Victory at no one's expense."

The first honoree (he's first only because we do this alphabetically) is Kent "Gripz" DeSpain, pictured here at last year's awards banquet.

Kent did not necessarily distinguish himself on the diamond, he has a "C" glove, bum leg, wears tri-focals and his only recently discovered night-blindness proved to be an impediment to his game since all our games are at night. Kent was forced to retire due to job related pressures and time limitations. He has been promoted to Chief Financial Officer for the parent corporation of The NADS and that is where the true measure of his participation has shown through. He's the one who signs our registration checks, pays for the uniforms and will, hopefully be there for all his "buds" come team picnic time when we need just one little ol' keg. [We Luv you, Man...!]

Our second honoree, whose selection will come as no surprise to NADS fans everywhere. is Scott "No Knees" Wruck, pictured here with his date at last years awards banquet.

Scott's career with The NADS has been cut short due to protracted legal issues ("hey...she sure looked 18 to me").

It is, however, his contributions on the field that we honor today. Scott, along with several others, was instrumental in resurrecting the team when both player and fan interest had sunk so low that the franchise was in jeopardy of folding. He has for the past five years held assistant or head coach duties as well as playing in every game and attending every practice. Scott has won every major award given by our Club. As an additional honor the Awards Committee recently announced the naming of one of our most coveted awards in his name (he's won it every year it's been given). The Player Who Made The Most Routine Play Look More Difficult Than Childbirth Award will bear his name. We're gonna' miss you Scott but you won't be forgotten.

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