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The NADS Hall O' Shame

...these are some folks who, in one way or another, stunk-up the joint...


Most Slides / Most Bases Touched / Most Base-running Errors / Most Throwing Errors by Opponent / Fewest Runs Scored / Most Time off The Clock / All on One Play

"....and the winner is..."
[NOTE: This year's award will be shared by two players]

* * * Bozo Brosso and Krusty Riddle * * *

On a play that, unofficially, lasted 1 minute 40 seconds these two touched different bases a total of NINE times on four throwing errors, got into three separate run-downs while running an estimated 220 total yards, were within half a step of touching a base simutaneously twice, slid a total of four times, on a play that started with one man on first & one batting, scored NO runs, collected the TWO final outs and ended a tournament run of three straight victories. (On an upnote; Krusty reportedly lost 4 pounds on the play; not from the exercise but from the slide into the gravel side of home plate at Clark Field.)


Most Strike-outs In A Season (Swinging & Looking)

"....and the winner is...." [NOTE: This year's award will be shared by two players, due to a tie in the season's final statistics]

* * * Big Whiff Adams and Little Big Man Shirley * * *

The final tally for each was as follows:

Robert "Big Wiff" Adams - 8
Vern "Little Big Man" Shirley - 8
(Thanks for the beer guys.)
[NOTE: Thanks to Big Wiff, The Rules Committee has to meet this Saturday to amend the rules to say " lite beer allowed..."]


Most Throws by an Infielder Over The First Baseman's Head Into the Parking Lot (From any Position)

"...and the winner is..."
[NOTE: While some of the other awards have been shared, the heads-up, and we do mean "heads up" recipient of the dubious title of "Scariest Arm in The West" is...]

* * * Scott "No Knees" (some say "No Arm") Wruck * * *

Retired now, No Knees still holds all Tempe (and possibly state) records in absolutely blowing the throw to first from the short side, the bag side, the long side, the stumble and mumble side of second base. Scott's talents were so well known that on the night of a NADS game, no one, and I mean NO ONE, parked on the first base side of the field from home plate halfway to the foul pole.
[NOTE: Scott also is currently tied for second in voting for "Muffing The Most Pop Flies in The Infield" and is clearly leading in the voting for "Making the Most Routine Play Look More Difficult Than Childbirth" category. Since his retirement, No Knees also holds the distinction of being the leading vote-getter to be the first inductee into the NADS Hall O' Fame and we're sure gonna' miss his talents....heh, heh, heh...]

EDITOR'S NOTE: Eligibility for and selection to the "NADS Hall O' Shame" is determined on a play-by-play basis. Anyone can be nominated by any active player (for misdeeds "ON" the field of play) at any time during the season. Submissions may be made orally and/or written.

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