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Vinur's Adventures #5

Vinur is being asked to "touch" the color "blue".

Vinur is being asked, at liberty, to back up with hand signals.

Vinur's first ride "under person" (no saddle yet).

Cheryl Shelton on Vinur.

Lori riding Vinur bareback (Lori has only
ridden her own horse once bareback).
Remember, this is a horse not started yet under saddle!

Vinur and Nancy

Vinur and Nancy
Nancy weaving the barrels on Vinur.

Vinur and Otis
Vinur and Otis meeting for the first time.

Updates on Training

Vinur is for sale and will be very easy to start under saddle.
He has a great foundation training, and his price now is $4,000.
Registered with USIHC, #95101221.

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