Other things I hate (though not as much as ties)

Nike. Do they make ties?

Golf. Though I do enjoy the driving range.

The dogmatic 'forward' progression of Time.

Terrorism. If you're not going to play War by the rules then what's the point?

Zucchini. By far the lugume I most detest.

The fundamentalist belief in 'causality.' A result of the 'observances' germinated by the afore mentioned 'dogmatic "forward" progression of Time.'

New Kids on the Block. Even though they've gone to oblivion I still hate those guys.

Shit. Especially dog shit. It makes me insane. Cat shit is none too pleasant either.

Vomiting. Upchuck free since December 15, 1996.

Listening to large groups of girls converse (especially when there's only one or two guys present). Damn they're annoying!

But you mustn't think I've dedicated my life to putting forth hate literature.

Infact, there are even things I would dare to declare I love! To balance hate there must be love. The universal equation must equal zero.

Things I Love


Jasmine Incense. My favorite scent.

Bounce Fabric Softener. My second favorite odor.

Twizzlers. Mmm.

Doctor Who. I've probably watched and read more of the good Doctor than anything else.

Colgate Floss. It's the only type that doesn't cut my gums. I highly recommend it.

Star Trek. I am a Trekker though not to such an extent that I'd put someone in a Vulcan nerve hold if he called me a Trekkie.

Reebok. I know, they probably use slave labour too, but they haven't gotten caught, and damn the shoes are comfy. (But if someone tells me they are doing bad things I'll likely stop wearing them.)

The Green Parties. It's great to be able to vote no matter how flawed the system is. If you vote green at least your conscience will be clear for the next four years and no one can blame you for electing the guy that fucked things up so bad!

Comics. I'll never grow up. I hope I have a copy of Batman on my deathbed.

Movies. I'm a film buff. I love watching movies. A film buffer loves waxing and polishing movies.

Dreaming. I love it when I have lucid dreams. There is no experience more blissful than to dream of flying. Even in a world full of ties, if I can dream of flight, I can live.

Have you perused my mussing on socks and economics?

Do you dare to care about the mustermindbehind this webpage?


Believe it or not, I do have serious thoughts on serious issues. I warn you, this stuff is not funny. So stay away if humor is all you seek.

(The above is not to say I don't take the elimination of ties from society seriously; I simply acknowledge some things as being more important. Ties are symptomatic of the evil we face though they are not the prima facie source of that evil.)

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