Why is wearing a hat indoors so taboo? I suppose if you're wearing more than one at a time, well ... but what is the sin. I remember teachers used to be viciously religious about it, even P.E. teachers. Bloody P.E. teachers would not let students wear a hat in their 'class'! I guess they thought gymnasium means "naked head" when we all know it means "naked nasium."

If I were filthy rich, this would be my evil indulgence: I would wear a new pair of socks each day. That would be a great delight, for socks never feel quite the same after they've been worn once. I'd likely wash and give the used ones to the less fortunate feet of this world. I can't fathom being so wicked as to just throw them away, after all, I believe recycling may be the path to salvation. The socks would be almost new and it's not quite like underwhere (no, surprisingly I don't have anything to say about underwhere (yes, I know how to spell it; it's a funny)). I don't have foot fungus (or fungus anywhere else that I'm aware of). So it would be okay.

Did you remember to buy a lottery ticket today? I say to just think of it as a high risk investment. Even in today's economy the lottery is as safe a bet as Russian roulette (or the Russian stock market).

I don't believe in having pets. I would like a robot however.

There are only two paths from here:

I am in awe of the wisdom. Please share more of your illuminated thoughts.

Let me out of this insanity!

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