Serious Thoughts

For November 3, 1998

A doctor was recently assassinated by a sniper for performing abortions. Now I'm not saying abortion is a good thing; we shoud take some responsabilty for our actions but I think it is a far greater evil to kill the born and free breathing than an undeveloped fetus. I put it to you like this: what sort of life will a child have with a mother who even contemplates having an abortion? If a woman really is unsure whether or not to become a mother I declare that to be a very strong indication that she shouldn't. Of course anyone who uses birth control will burn in hell, so that's out, forget about the morning after pill. And condomns are of course the devils balloons. People all over the world are dying of AIDS, the poor keep on churning out babies they can't feed but the holy incorporation swears it's a sin to feel pleasure without danger and guilt. There are great evils in this world, we all agree on this I think. We cannot, however, agree on just what those evils are.

To where seldom is heard a discouraging word.

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