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Here I will post all the things that I have fixed up. The latest information will be posted at the beginning, with the date that it was done, so you know what you have or haven't seen.

(11:01pm, 06/14/99)
I have recieved a new comment regarding my editorial (yeah whatever) about gaming groups under the notes section, so go see what the person had to say!

(9:18pm, 06/03/99)
I told you to keep checking back and it paid off, now didn't it? Well I have updated the Shadowland files for all of you who want to keep up with what has been going around, or what a foreshadow of the possible future. I hope to get more info about people who want to play in the new campaign, including character stats and bio's, so keep checking back! It pays to chummer!

(11:14pm, 05/31/99)
Well, I managed to put quite abit of knowledge about character generation on my page today under brimber's notes. I just dread going any further because that is alot of crap to to on my page. But someday it will be done!

(12:04pm, 05/28/99)
Ahem, hello fellow runners. Apparrently there have been a lack of, well suitable runs for many chummers out there. So, I have decided to strap on the old snake skin boots, grab my side arm, and hit the streets to get the business happening again (and to make so mula). So with that said, I am off to round up a small group of runners to take on a couple of personal vendettas, then on to the bigger and better things. So keep an eye out, I will be back here often to update me findings.

(4:39pm, 03/25/99)
I have created a bunch of template pages and basically gotten this site ready to add the new group. I have also decided to have 5 street smarts quizes, and if you get them all right, you will have access to a secret page (note: it is not the extention secret.html for you wanna be hackers) which will have vital information in solving the mystery behind The Dragon's Lair. I am also going to add some more to the notes section soon, so check back regularly!

(4:41pm, 03/09/99)
Some big news chummers, so listen good, because I am only saying this once. Our shadowrunning group in the city has officially been dissolved. But, we are going to start up a new group out in the boonies where we country boys live. So I am going to keep updating the page, except with the adventures, stats, plots, etc. of this new group. Okay, with that said, now to the updates. You may have noticed that I have done a minor change in format with this site (to all pages) to center the information. There has also been another entry in the rant page. I will be updating soon with all the new stuff, including Shadowland and hopefully the quiz. Well, I'm off to work on my other page!

(5:04pm, 02/16/99)
Wowsa! 2 answers in a 3 day period for the question everybody has been wondering about. Another answer is up, right or wrong? Only one way to find out, at the Dragon's Lair! Stay tuned, we'll be back right after these important messages. Hello Everybody! I'm Dr. Nick... (er oops, that copyright thing), ok well, I'm planning on making another web page devoted to the ressurrection of an old AD&D group, so I will put a link to it from here as soon as I get it up and looking marvelous, simply marvelous! Now back to our regularly schhhhhhhhheduled program. I plan on adding another Shadowland and maybe even a quiz (if your all good boys and girls) sometime this week, so check back hourly (he he, that will boost my hits).

(7:54pm, 02/15/99)
Alrighty there chummers, got an interesting little idea from some bad a$$ed Shadowrun players about the Dragon's Lair. See if it is right or wrong on the Dragon's Lair Answer section. I am also going to do some updating this week so keep a watchful eye, seeya!

(4:31pm, 12/23/98)
Almost Christmas, wahoo! Just a little bit so far today because I was busy wrapping presents. I have put a comments section in under the rant about spant where you can view some comments I recieved about it. There was also a minor change under the recap. I might add some more stuff tonight so keep watching.

(10:56pm, 12/19/98)
Well, finals are over and I can actually do something other then study so I managed to get a few things done on the old page. It appears as though our group is going to be taking a break from Shadowrun to play Earthdawn for a while, but I will continue to update this page, for you, the fans, my Brimberholics out there, cause I love you all, and you love me! Well, I have changed the weapon of the month, put up a new shadowland board, updated some info on the recap page, and added a heart warming Shadowruny X-mas song to the notes section.

(11:47pm, 11/27/98)
Lots of updates today boys and girls. Firstly, I have a new bud, yes that's right, my very first link to someone else's shadowrun page. So check out his page when you get it chance, it has tons of stuff. Next, I have created a basic history for shadowrun under the notes section for those who don't know what it is about. I have also added a favorite weapon page in which I will hopefully update every now and then, the gas grenades almost took it the first time! I have also moved my little bashing about spant onto its own personalized page under the note section as well. I have also created a page to put possible answers on for the question on the Dragon's Lair page, which surprise surprise can only be accessed on the Dragon's Lair page. I might do some more tonight if I get bored, so enjoy and keep an eye out for new stuff!

(3:31pm, 11/22/98)
I have gotten another quiz ready to go, but you have to beat the old ones to get to it. I was thinking of making a page to let you choose which tests you want to do so you didn't have to do the old ones if you didn't want to? What do you think? I need feedback people! And a thanks for a question goes out to a Mr. Scott Fox who submitted several questions. I will probably post more of his questions on the harder pages to come.

(3:05am, 11/15/98)
Another posting for Shadowland is up and running, and I have a question for anyone who wants to try, but primarily for my group. You can find the question at the bottom of The Dragon's Lair page. That's all for now.

(11:42pm, 11/13/98)
First off, I would like to congratulate Jeff on being the first person in the group to hand in all of the info for his character (ie. background, stats, and a pic). Now Jeff, isn't that the easiest 5 karma you have ever made? Only the person who gets his stuff in first gets the karma boys, so the rest of you are out of luck. Except, Regan, since she is new, I will give her until we play next to submit all of her stuff to gain the karma. But, don't think that I don't want your info guys, so try and get it into me asap. So Jeff's character is completely done, Kent's and Mike's stats are also finished aswell. I guess the next phase of this site is to get on the notes section, oh man, that will take a while. Well, thats it for now folks.

(11:53pm, 11/11/98)
Three entries in one day, wow! I just added a guestbook for something to do. Incase you can't find it, it is located on the main page, you can just hit the back button in your browser to go there, or use the main button on the right side of this page. DUH!

(10:07pm, 11/11/98)
Back again, just a couple little of things right now. I have put up Regan's character on the page and also most of Mike's (with the exception of gear and contacts because he has alot). I will hopefully finish all the characters by the end of the week, and if not, by Saturday for sure. But the race is still on, who is gonna get all of the three things for their characters to me first (background, stats, and picture)? I am betting on the newbie, I think Regan is gonna take it all boys! HAHA!

(4:38am, 11/11/98)
Sorry about the long time since updates, with trying to balance midterms and playing that addicting new wrestling game that I bought, I haven't had much time to play on my page. Anyway, incase your new here, the main page has a slightly newer format. I have brought the updates link up higher on the page so that people do not have to scroll down to see what is new. I have also added a new page to put all of my awards on (haha), and a page to put other shadowrun related links on. I have also made the base page for our new roleplayer in our group, Regan. Unfortunately, I have not added an stats yet because I have been fighting with the tables on the main page for about 2 hours trying to get everything to line up (hey, I never said I was a professional). The counter is also up higher so people can see how many visitors I have had without scrolling down. I have also been officially added to the Shadowrun webring (over a week ago), but you probably already know that. Uhm, Brimber sleep now, hahgggggggg.

(7:17pm, 10/28/98)
Well, incase you haven't noticed what is new, let me help you out. Go to the main page, and scroll all the way near the bottom, and you should see that I am now part of the Shadowrun Webring which is owned by Lady Jestyr (actually I am not in yet, but I have to wait for her thumbs up). With any luck, I will be accepted which will in turn motivate me to work on my page more then once or twice per week. Thank you everyone, for your support, I feel a tear coming on.
Don't worry it is a tear of joy, I have to go now and grab some kleenex.

(1:41am, 10/25/98)
All of the runs that have been done so far are posted on the recap page. That means that I typed out 4 runs worth of stuff in one day, and boy are my wrists tired. Also, I have included a nice neat little table under the recap section as well so that everyone can see who the trouble makers of the group are (PS - There would have been more, but since everyone keeps switching characters, different characters have made different enemies).

(1:01am, 10/24/98)
I have posted Gerard's character stats and his picture, but that is it. Let me see, Chad has a background and stats, Jeff has a picture and stats, and Gerard has a picture and stats as well. Who will be the first person to get everything to me? Now taking bets at the e-mail address below. I also decided to add the adventure with "The Majestics" on the recap page. Also, if you notice, there is a small spot on the left side of that page to put the records, or funny comments and such. Please e-mail me with any suggestions to put there.

(1:10am, 10/18/98)
So far, I have updated Chad's character by adding his stats and background. I have also added a picture of Jeff's character (front and back). As well, I have made some links and pages for Mike and Kent, but I do not have anything from them yet. I even added the run recaps, well almost. I made the links and pages for them, but not the descriptions as of yet. On top of all that wonderful stuff, I also took out that stupid angelfire pop-up window. I hope you can all sleep peacefully now!

(12:03am, 10/15/98)
I got another street smarts quiz up and running, but to get to it, your gonna have to get 7 points on quiz number one first. (Shouldn't be too hard since most of you have memorized the answers already. I will have to do something about that, but what?)

(8:03pm, 10/12/98)
Well, I updated Jeff's character, stats only, although I will add his picture soon and his history as soon as I get it. Also the first stage of The Dragon's Lair is up and running. It took me a while to make the logo so you all better damn well like it, or at least not complain about it, or I'll kick some butt! That's all for now, cya.

(10:35pm, 10/8/98)
Just finished adding Brimber's history and if I get time I will post Jeff's character tonight aswell. Also going to be doing some clean up on some of the pages. Just finished adding another message board in Shadowland.

(10:08pm, 10/7/98)
Well, I got home, got a couple hours of sleep and managed to hand in my assignment. So now that I have nothing to do I decided to make all the buttons change when you move your mouse over them. (I can just see Chad playing with them.)

(12:19am, 10/7/98)
This being the first update, it is a special one for me dedicated to the Fasa Corporation. Here at the University of Regina, I have made a link at the bottom of every page to the Fasa Corporation Official Homepage where you can browse their catalogues. Enjoy, time for me to go home and get some sleep after a hard day of fighting with my computer science assignment.

Email Me, Please!

Fasa Corporation Homepage
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