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This is where you can find out about your cool host, Mr. Luther Brimber. Simply click on the image to get to the information that you would like to know.

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The Personal Notes of Luther Brimber

Physical Description

Luther Brimber is 6'2" tall and he weighs 170lbs. He has slightly tanned skin, and always seems to have stubble on his face. Brimber has brown greasy hair which is combed towards the back with no definite part. He also has dark brown eyes. Brimber has a less then average build, sometimes he notices a small gut after a big meal. Brimber almost always has a cigarette in his mouth (often referred to as the red kind because he cant pronounce the name properly). His clothes and equipment are the bottom line stuff that a person can get if he wants to look big time.


Brimber is the type of guy who looks out for number one first. If he can take advantage of a situation that will benefit himself, he will do it. He has morals, they are just misplaced. When put in a aggressive position, he will often try to talk his way out, and if that does not work, running and hiding is his second option. If he can take a free shot at someone without a chance of being hit, he will do it. Courage is not this roans best suit. He believes that image is 90% of all business propositions, even if this means buying a 20 suit to try and impress his business partners (usually this is all he can afford anyway). Brimbet likes to make himself look like a big dealer, even though he knows he is nothing more then common street trash that is cluttering up the streets.
There are only a few people that he actually trusts, those being his level 3 contacts. To gain his respect, a person must show that they can handle themselves and help him out ever now and then (Often in the form of loans or valuable information) so that he can continue with a business propositions. Brimber has a conscious, really buried deep down. This doesn't mean that he will run through a gunfight to get a kid out of harms way. Brimber would probably give an anonymous tip to Lone Star that a fight is going on, and then he would walk away. He likes to deal in black market chips or even drugs although he makes it a rule to never use them. When it comes to firearms, a 5 year old could pull the wool over Brimber's eyes.
Brimber is a nice guy, it is just hard for other people to see this. He always tries to look confident at everything that he does, although he often looses his composure in a gunfight. But, unfortunately for Brimber, there is a difference between confidence and being successful at what you do. He has had to rely on his Charisma and his wits to get him through each day. An invaluable resource that he always has and takes advantage of.


Luther Brimher was born 2023, on July 4. He was given up for adoption buy his parents and lived in an orphanage until he was 12. Brimber decided that he could make a better living for himself on the streets, so he left the orphanage. It was then that he met his long time friend Noble. Noble was a natural charmer, dark hair and blue eyes (lets just say that he always managed to make enough money to buy food while often Brimber would watch Noble eat will he sat there and drooled). They were both kids pulling cons, and living off the sympathy of passer-byers. They learned the etiquette involved on living in the street, who to talk to, who to avoid. It was at the age of 18 that Brimber found out that he had some mystic abilities. He decided to go to Moghandi, the resident street mage to help him disconcern his magical abilities. Moghandi is a 350lbs African American, in a moomoo who used a reinforced wheelbarrow as a chair. He covered himself in gold which only seemed to make him fatter then he actually was. Moghandi decided to that he could use Brimber as an apprentice, and his services would be the payment for the training. For the next 7 years Brimber trained and studied under the teachings of Moghandi. Brimber learned that he had great magical ability, with which he used to help make his deals easier. He decided that he had learned all he needed to know and wanted to start up in the black-market deals.
During one deal, Brimber tried to use his magical abilities to read the mind of his business associate to see what the highest price he would pay was. Unfortunately, he found out that his associate was an undercover Lone Star who had astral guards. After being beaten to a blood pulp, Brimber was sent to jail for the next 8 years, less a day, for selling illegal chips and substances. It was at the jail that Brimber met his cell mate LouLou, a well over 9' troll with the insane addiction to twinkies. Brimber managed to buy his friendship with LouLou with twinkies, and being a friend of LouLou's meant that he was relatively safe from the dating scene in prison. LouLou was serving a ten year sentence for rip off a Mr. Johnson's head, with his toes, and giving it to his fixer, LouLou's way of saying, "Your fired!". LouLou was a natural born monster, a killing machine, but with a passive side. LouLou preferred to use intimidation rather then force, but if forced is needed, then so be it. LOuLOu was getting out of jail a year later then Brimber.
In jail, Brimber saw all types of people, and decided that he was better then them, all of them. He was going to go straight, live a normal life, get a job, maybe a woman, maybe two women. When he was finally released, he said that he would send an email to LOuLou every week, but unfortunately, Brimber's spelling was so bad, LouLou usually was unable to understand most of the letter. Finally free, Brimber got an apartment in one of the slum areas, and a job as used car salesman. His life was finally starting to turn around, he was gaining back his confidence.
One day while waiting at a bench for the public transit bus after work, Brimber saw a black limousine pull up beside him. Three guys got out with automatic weapons. Brimber continued to smoke his cigarette while looking at the guys. They walked across the street and entered a small convenience store. He ignored it and continued waiting for the bus. Then he heard and array of gunshots and he jumped behind the bench, peering in between the cracks in the bench, he saw a dark haired girl run out of a store across the street. She was carrying a briefcase, and she ran across the street and hid behind the same bench as Brimber. Brimber said, "He kid, scram!".
Looking at the girl who began to cry, he said, "He kid, are you deaf?. Beat it!". Those only seemed to fuel her tears. Then Brimber noticed the three guys in suits walk out of the store and they began to walk toward him.
He stood up and said,"Hey, you guys want the girl, she is right here.". The guys looked dumbfoundedly at him and raised their weapons. Brimber gave out a girl like scream and ducked behind the car.
He looked at the girl and said, "Hey, kid, just get out of her please.". At that point the girl took off down a near by alley while the three men with the guns decided to unload on their own car, trying to hit Brimber.
"Son of a bitch", he thought to himself. Then he got an idea. The men with the guns had Brimber pinned and moved in for the kill. When they walked around the car, the saw Brimber, shoving his cigarette into the gas tank of the car. Then he gave a Christopher Lambert Type Laugh (CLTL) and said, "Buubye!". The three men tried to run but they could not escape the blast, and Brimber never even tried. There was a large explosion and Brimber's last thought was, well, at least it was a blast (CLTL). Then everything went dark.
Then, Brimber saw the light. No, wait a minute, everything is all fuzzy. Then he heard a voice, "One more little adjustment, there.". Then Brimher's eyes began to focus, he was in lab, a place where computers lined the walls, mechanical arms and legs hung form the ceiling. Brimber saw a an old man, nearly half metal. "Hello there, I am Dr. B. Parts. I don't know your name, and you didn't have any id on what was left of your body."
"What the hell happened, where am I?" Brimber said standing up and looking at his cybernetic right arm. "What happened to my fragging arm?"
"Well, I imagined that it was vaporized, and your eyes were badly burned too, so I had to replace those too." replied the doctor.
"My eyes, oh man, then are cyborg eyes too, oh man, where is a mirror?" Looking into a hand held mirror, Brimber looked at his body, his arm had a synthesized covering, so it looked fairly normal. His eyes also were cosmetically altered to look like his original eyes. His body had been burned but the doctor was able to heal most of the scars.
"Here are your charts, these are what you have now." the doctor said handing the stack of papers to Brimber.
"Holy drek! I can't pay for all this." Brimber said dropping his mouth.
"Oh, don't worry, it's already paid for, "answered the doctor.
"Who paid for this?" asked Brimber.
"Me," answered the small girl Brimber recognized as the little girl with the case.
"Maril had a couple of credsticks worth more then this lab, so I ordered and put in what she wanted you to have and I fixed what I could." said the doctor.
"How long have I been here?" asked Brimber.
"Only about 3 months, "answered the quirky doctor.
Maril and Brimber left the doctor, and over time became close friends. Brimber never asked where the money came from, but he promised himself that Maril would go to a good school and get a good education, so she could have a good life. Or at least a better one then Brimber. He developed a father type of love for Maril and decided that he needed to get a job that paid more then 2.95 an hour.
This is the part where Brimber decided to become a runner, to run the shadows, and make some real money. He met a fixer named Qball who turned out to be a good fixer, always looking out for his runners. After a couple of easy runs, Brimber decided that he could trust Qball.
Wondering whatever happened to his old friend Noble, Brimber decided to go to the local snitch for information. The snitch was a pimp looking wart of humanity known only as DC. DC came through for Brimber and after a cash settlement was obtained, Brimber found out that Noble did fairly well for himself. He owned a fairly popular night club called "Noble Knights". Brimber went to the club and him and Noble took up right where they left off, just as if no time had passed at all. This is as far as it goes.


Brimber wants, most of all, to make enough money to send Maril to an expensive school, because in Brimber's mind, expensive means better. He also wants to make enough money to move out of the slums, and to a really nice place. Enough money to live the rest of his life without working, and to have a normal life, possibly even a family. But for now, he runs the shadows, saving half of all the money he makes for Maril.

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NAME: Luther Brimber STREET NAME: Brimber
RACE: Human AGE: 35
MAGIC: 2(5)
Addiction (Cigarettes)
Minor Police Record (No Parole Officer)
Skill Points (+2)
Attribute Point (+1)
Pistols: 4
Cyber-Implant Weaponry(Cyber Spurs): 2(4)
Stealth(Hiding): 3(5)
Sorcery(Spellcasting): 3(5)
Negotiations(Fast Talking): 4(6)
Etiquette: 6
Lockpicking: 3
Car: 1
English 4
Read/Write 2
Spanish 2
Read/Write 1
Mystical Background: 3
Street Rumors: 4
Gear Value: 5
Fences: 3
Prison Politics: 3
BLT Dealers: 3
Shadowrunner Hotspots: 4
Cyberarm Gyromount (Right Arm, Alphaware): 1.48
(Built-In (All Alphaware): Taser, Retractable Spur, Direct Neural Interface, Smartlink Level II, Semi-Natural Covering, Strength 4)
Cyber Eyes (Alphaware): 0.56
(Built-In (All Alphaware): Image Link, Flare Compensation, Low Light, Protective Covers, Retinal Clock, Thermographic, Electronic Magnification x3)
Cybercomm Link (Alphaware): 0.32
Boosted Reflexes Level 2 (Alphaware): 1.00
Manabolt: 5
Fireball: 6
Analyze Truth: 4
Treat: 5
Armor: 5
Physical Mask: 5
Streetline Special
(Concealed Holster, 2 Spare Clips, 48 Reg ammo)
Savalette Guardian x2
(Direct Neural Interface, Custom Weapon, Internal Smartlink Level II, Concealed Holster, Silencer, 4 Spare Clips, 100 Reg ammo)
Securetech Armor Clothing
Lined Coat
Lock Pick Set
Power Focus Level 3
Pocket Personal Computer
(10,000mp, Hermetic Library in memory (3600mp), Printer)
Hermetic Library Level 6
Leyland Rover
Middle Lifestyle
(3 months)
Antique Silver Lighter
2 Packs of Cigarettes
Club Owner Level 3
Street Kid Level 3
Street Samurai Level 2 (Troll)
Street Mage Level 2
Fixer Level 1
Dr. Parts
Street Doc Level 1
Snitch Level 1

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Luther Brimber 2060-10-05

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