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They are watching you!
You have entered the the heart of The Dragon's Lair , congratulations! Few have heard of this unbelievable club, and you my friend are now one of those few. The Dragon's Lair is one of the newest clubs in the Seattle area, located in the Auburn district.

Upon arriving at The Dragon's Lair, you will notice that the building is a mere 4 meters above the ground. Actually, the club is an underground club. The building that is apparent, I believe, is just the checking area. I have only ever seen 3 orc guards there, and they are pretty perceptive at finding hidden weapons. I can imagine that there are more guards that could easily handle most any problem (maybe not LAW rockets though) which may occur.

After you pass through the checking area (and pay the 100 fee), the guards will open up a concealed elevator. When you step into the elevator, you will notice that you have no control over the floor you want to go to. The time in the elevator as you wait to get to the club seems like an eternity. Either that is a slow elevator or a long way down there.

As soon as the doors open, the dim blue lights fill the elevator and music seems to pump into your ears. As you enter the phenominal room, the whole place seems to have a shadowy decor. Large dark blue curtains hang from the brick looking walls. To the right is the bar & kitchen, with an odd bartender. It looks to be an apparent western dragon, a small, deep blue and gold scaled creature wearing a black bowtie. I have viewed him astrally, and I can say that I did see a dragon. The funny thing is whenever I come to the The Dragon's Lair, he is always there. There was a time, however, that I was there and he sluggishly walked around a corner and into a large, dragons sized door. Minutes later he returned looking revitalized.

To the left is the large dance floor and stage. Through the glass dance floor you can see what appears to be marine life. You can actually see schools of fish and the like swim by. The live musicians are always some local band, a different one every 6 hours or so. I can never tell what time it is by the club because it always seems to the same. No windows to show a night sky or the afternoon sun. The chairs and tables look quite expensive, and are real confortable. The people in the club are mostly runners and fixers (or Johnsons). No one is out of place here.

The Dragon's Lair also offers rooms or even below ground condos (all lifestyles availalbe). I hear that even a middle lifestyle here rivials a middle lifestyle in Bellvue. As far as parking, one of the orcs will take your car into a large sized elevator and park it in a sub level parking lot. Someone spent some serious newyen on this club chummers, so be real careful not to piss off the big wigs around town if you want to continue to party here, cause no one knows who owns The Dragon's Lair. I can just imagine that there are all types of security at this place, and all of those people are professionals, paid well I might add.

Who is(are) the company(s) or person(s) who owns or runs The Dragon's Lair and also what sort of scientific experiements are going on there? The latter part may be difficult to answer at this point, but I am sure any sort of X-file fan might make a good educated guess if he or she knows anything about the history of Shadowrun. I will be posting more clues for this question somewhere on this site (not telling where) later on. But, at least stay tuned to Shadowland for some hints. There may even be a prize for the first person to e-mail me the correct answer.

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