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icons and cursors


It's hard to find good icons. Certain series and certain characters get the bum (w)rap when it comes to this. So I'm attempting to remedy this.

All my icons are 32 by 32 ICO files. They are all zipped up nice, so you will need an unzipping program like Winzip to use them. There are many ways to use icons; you'll know your computer better than me. In Windows, you can normally go to your desktop Properties and change them in there. The number in parentheses is the number of icons in the zip file.

I will attempt to make images of the icons, but for now, please use these text links.

Rurouni Kenshin
Takatsuki Gentatsu (10)

Hellmaster Phibrizo (15)
Lina Inverse (10)
Filia Ul Copt (6)
Chibi (Amelia, Zelgadis, Gourry, Sylphiel) (12)

Infinite Ryvius
Various (20)

Yami no Matsuei
Tsuzuki (13)
Tsuzuki & Hisoka (10)*
Tsuzuki & Muraki (2)*
*Both characters were in the original pics. Rather than dump all the Tsuzuki's together, I gave Hisoka and Muraki the Tsuzuki's from their picture to play with.


The psycosis continues! Here are some random cursors I made. You can change cursors in Windows by going to Start> Settings> Control Panel> Mouse> Pointers (detailed instructions). I don't know much about Macs. Sorry.

Colored Cursors
Aqua- matches the skin I did for
Dark Blue- I wanted a darker blue set
Pink- matches the Infinite Ryvius site!

Infinite Ryvius- 5 IR animated cursors
Black and White- stills of Weiss and Schwartz

Special Pointers
Pencil- sick of pens? Use a pencil!
Neya's Hand- 2 versions of a hand
Kouzi's Card- the card Kouzi uses in IR
Taski's Feather- a green feather pen

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