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In Media Res is a Latin phrase meaning "in the middle of things". In classical literature, it refers to when the book starts off partway into the events it's about. At this site, it refers to my annoying tendancy to stop in the middle of a project and leave it hanging for months.

Here you will find the desktop materials I've actually completed. It's mostly Winamp skins, but you'll have random wallpapers, Windows icons and cursors, and maybe some computer game accessories. It's creative stuff you can play with!

I don't care if you use these on your desktop. Go ahead! That's what I posted them for, after all. So use them, save them, give them to friends, whatever.

However, please do not post any of these materials on another website without emailing me first. I normally won't tell you no, you can't put them up, because I think sharing is great. This is mostly so I know where my stuff is, and to see if anyone likes it. And also so I can link back to you, if you want. Link trading is a wonderful thing.

In Media Res began as a simple Winamp skins page off my main site, A Simple Story, and ballooned from there. For a while, it was called Disgruntled Chibi Desktop, which is very cute, but I wanted a title that would give me more leeway in designing a layout. After much debate, I picked In Media Res, a reference to classical literature and my annoying habit of being in the middle of a ton of projects at once.

The first layout featured Axel from Satoshi Shiki's manga Riot (Japanese title 'Riot of the World'), which was released by Viz ages ago. You can see a teeny portion off it in the upper right triangle. This layout was spawned by utter boredom one night. I call it 'Geometricity', which means absolutely nothing.

Last Updated: 02- 22-2005- new pages for skins- Gravitation, Original Art, J-Rock- and a new skin in Yami no Matsuei.

Today's preview:


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Winamp Skins by Series
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