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Twig and Resin


Twig & Resin Process

Twig and resin casting makes an interesting mosaic with Gustoff Klimnt like whimsy. By combining branch pieces and casting resin you get a solid object showing the end grain of the branches creating endless visual enjoyment. I had been working with resin casting and fabricating art work for years. One day I made the leap to incorporate pieces of branches with pigmented resin creating a wood in colored glass look. The process has become very popular we now make clocks, bowls, coffee tables and vanities and Kitchen countertops. Twig and Resin is just like solid surface counter top material with trade names like Corian. I am essentially doing the same thing as making a solid surface material only only doing it on a very small and custom scale. We set the branches on a sub structure and then pour the resin around them creating the casing then sand to finish. The process is very labor intensive not something that can be easily manufactured like a solid surface slurry mix. The Twig Chair for example took 300 hours to create including cutting around 3,000 1" branch pieces. The branches where attached one at a time to a fiberglass core and then flooded in small areas until all the voids were filled. Sanding, polishing and filling the voids takes hours of labor resulting in a such a unique and unusual visual that it almost looks unreal. If you choose to try the process I suggest you start with a smaller project!

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font color= "white">I have decided to share the casting process with other artists. We have a new DVD, which is available for $40.00, showing how to cast with branches and resin. You will learn my hard earned secrets to making beautiful bowls and twig and resin counter tops. We also have the casting materials available for sale, individually or as a casting kit. The casting kit includes 2 gallons of resin, 1/2 lb. of Q-cell, 2 1/2 lbs. of wood dust, 8oz bottle of red pigment, and an 8oz bottle of black pigment.

Casting kit $129 plus shipping
Casting DVD $40.00
Resin $35.50 per gallon
Q-cell $9.50 per 1/2 lb. (glass bead filler)
Wood Dust $11.00 per 2 1/2 lbs.
Resin Pigments 8oz bottle:
Yellow $28.50, Red $24.75, Green $24.75, White $15.50, Black $15.50, Brown $15.50, Dark Blue $15.50