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For the most current look at what's going on at Barre Pinske Studio please check out my blog I post on it most days. Click on here to open my blog.

Barre Pinske Studio offers chainsaw carving classes. What we have to offer along with my 30 years of experience is the ability to work indoors in all weather with the Pinske Power Hydraulic Power Units and Stanley Hydraulic chainsaws. No where in the world can you get this opportunity.

By attending one of my classes you get to work in hands on in studio/gallery and experience all aspects of an art business as it happens. You will improve your carving skills at a pace that works for you. I know the tools, techniques and how wood wants to move as it dries. I will share all my knowledge with you. You will learn and you will have fun. Please inquire about our unique learning experience here in Chester Vermont. This spring we are going to do some Twig and Resin casting classes too. We are finishing our new resin working studio it will be ready to go this spring.