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"Barre Pinske - Vermont prints"



This is the new "For Sale" page. This page contains items in the gallery ready for sale. Over the years, most sales have come through personal relationships and mainly people stopping in the galleries I've owned. The Web has created greater opportunity but still people seem to want to talk to the artist and see their work. I'm available by phone and can chat on the live stream according to your schedule. I have shipped works all across the US and to Europe. Enjoy your internet shopping.

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Taffy White Twig and Resin Bowl

This is the latest Twig and Resin Bowl. It is hand sculpted; branches were laid flat and are cast in white resin. The finish is wax and mineral oil.

Verde Green Twig and Resin Bowl

This beautiful verde green bowl was hand sculpted and cast in resin. The finish is wax and mineral oil.

Red Twig and Resin Bowl

This beautiful bowl is hand sculpted with branches cast in red resin. The finish is wax and mineral oil.

Black Twig and Resin Coffee Table

Though this table is sold, we are taking orders for all sizes and colors! They are available for $450-$800

Blue Twig Bowl

It is hand sculpted with branches cast in blue resin with matched rounded surfaces. A wax and mineral oil is used on this bowl as well.

Log of Drawers

More made to order. The log of Drawers is one of my favorite pieces. I really like plays on art and craft and this is a play on the craft of band saw boxes. The cut apart and put back together nature of the piece is really cool. The parts are where they were as a log minus the saw cuts and the insides of the drawers

Twig Chair $6,500.

This Chair is made from branches cast in resin also. It's an amazing looking arm chair that sits well but is mostly just unreal to look at. It was made last fall with the assistance of art student Stefania Urist. This incredible piece of functional art is available now. The finish is Automotive clear coat.

Maple Bird $1,200. SOLD

This Maple bird is one of my favorite new works. This sculpture was chainsaw carved, sanded with electric and air tools, burnished with a torch and the buffed to finish with a wax and oil finish. I have more pictures from different angles if you would like to see more. This is one of those pieces that is significant to my art career.

Plywood Chair $4,000. SOLD

The Plywood chair is a funky play on a structural material that is often hidden. The finish is buffed on wax and oil. It was assembled one sheet at a time with an average of 25 screws in each piece. It weighs around 300 lbs.

Stump with Branches and resin $400. SOLD

Here I've taken a hollow Maple tree and filled the hollow with branches and resin creating a unique pieces of functional art. I like the play of bringing the natural hollow tree with casting process in such a literal way. The tree was simply buffed clean filled and finished with a urethane pour top and clear coat.

Toilet Paper holder bear $325. SOLD

This is a fun way to decorate your bathroom and own a piece of functional art.

Plywood Table $550. SOLD

Here is another example of a unique use of plywood. I have exposed the end grain throughout the table and filled the center with branches and resin. The table legs are stacked over a dowel and have a spline piece as a design element and extra structural strength.


Many art works like the ones on the site are available for sale now. My price point runs from $300 to $6500 with $650 being the average. If you have a project idea I'd love to talk to you. I can make what ever you want even if it takes ten years and all your money.


Taffy Chair

Here is another interesting use of plywood. This chair is a play on Frank Gerhy's cardboard Wiggle Chairs and the Dutch artist Gerrit Rietfield's Zig Zag chairs. I really like being inspired by art history and significant works by other artists. My play is the use of plywood for structural strength and in the unusual fashion by exposing the end grain. Also, I burnished the wood raising the grain like I do with the chainsaw carvings. The finish is pigmented Automotive clear coat.

The Print image below in a barn board frame 18"x24" is available for $175.00.

A 5' bear like the one below is $650.00

Hydraulic Power unit & saw $6500.

Here is the Pinske hydraulic power unit and Stanley hydraulic chainsaw combination. Click the image to see the description of the features. I've carved with hydraulics for 18 years my Dad is manufacturing these units for artist's in his Plato Minnesota workshop. This is the coolest way to sculpt wood.

Here is a video of the new Pinske Hydraulic Power unit and saw we are selling. This is the first hydraulic power unit to be designed strictly for sculptors like me who use a chain saw. My father Tom and his team build these units in Plato Minnesota. This is a professionally built unit that will last for years and do the job for you as it has for me. I built my first hydraulic power unit in 1990. Hydraulic chainsaws are the quietest, most powerful and greenest way to sculpt wood. It offers artists an opportunity to work inspired indoors when they want too. No matter what the weather is doing out side or the time of day you can be creating doing the work you love.
This complete unit ready to plug in and go is $6500. We also have a detail unit available for $2300. Please ask any questions you may have about the units. Check out the live feed to see me working with it in the studio.

E-mail or call 508-965-3211 to purchase.

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