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   There are two reasons to go to Mykonos. The first reason is, since antiquity, Mykonos has been the jumping off point to go to its famous neighbor, Delos . The second reason for visiting was because of the myriad of churches and white washed houses as well as the famous windmills overlooking "little Venice."

  The earliest mention of human habitation on Mykonos in my books were Venetians. (This is because of my lack of research I know its earlier than this)The island was part of their Duchy of Naxos. Unlike other islands in the Aegean, the Venetian control of Mykonos lasted until the 18th century. The Venetian autonomy on the island was mainly because the Turks had no interest in Mykonos. I am guessing this is because of a lack of resources on the island or the fact that pirates used Mykonos as a base to plunder other islands. Though the Venetians controlled the island they did not care enough to fortify the harbor nor to protect it against pirates. As a result, parts of the island became a haven for pirates.

  The town is famous for its windmills, churches and traditional houses. It is quite a sight to behold. I will provide more info on the town in that section. The rest of the island is fairly untouched, with beautiful beaches that are somewhat crowded but not crowded when compared to Kos, another party/tourist haven.

  Now the bad news, 75,000 tourists come each summer ( July and August) to see the island. It is also the most expensive of all of the islands. Like I said, there are two reasons to see the island and they are good reasons. However, their are much more pleasant and inexpensive islands worth spending more time on. Comments to .

Updated 10/1/03