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crickl's nest
Wed, Apr 4 2007
I don't know what to think!
Topic: Blogging
I have been seeing a little award going around the blogosphere lately in which bloggers honor other bloggers who make them think. Who woulda thunk I would get one! Thank you to e-mom. She is the owner of Chrysalis, one of my favorite blogs.....which is really more of an e-zine, with interesting articles and ideas on a huge variety of topics, all centered around the Christian world view. I appreciate e-mom and her work there so much. In fact she will surely be one of the five bloggers that I nominate.

As a cyber prize, e-mom sent me a white phaelenopsis orchid. Here it is:

Chrysalis has a wonderful article on Jerusalem in Jesus' time. I've been remembering and thinking about Israel a lot lately, this being Passover week and all. We're doing a seder meal at church on Thursday. (I'm making matzo ball soup.)

Here are the 5 blogs I would like to honor for making me think on a regular basis:

1. Chrysalis, a fine e-zine spot on the net. e-mom regularly posts articles by herself and others on really interesting and relevent topics in regards to Christianity. She asked me to choose someone else since she has already been honored with this by several others. But she deserves it and I want to honor her.

2. Here are 3 blogs from women who are currently serving on the foreign mission field. I learn so much about the culture they are living in, life as a missionary family and ways I can support them in prayer!

.....Following an Unkown Path is written by Amanda, who is a single American woman teaching at a college in Taiwan, China. She talks about her students, living in China, and working in a church there. She seems to have great joy in serving the Lord there.

.....Joy in the Journey is a beautiful blog about a young mother and her husband who are missionaries in Indonesia. She just had twins and they are in the U.S. until later this year for the babies' sake (they were premature). But I hope she reappears to blog more regularly some day. I love to read about their life and work there.

.....Blackpurl's Knitpickings is my friend, Alida's, blog. She and her husband work with the substance abuse epidemic in Russia. They are currently home on leave, getting their son settled in to live in the U. S. and go to college here. I got to meet her and one of her sons as they came through Phoenix. It was wonderful to meet her and I know they will appreciate your prayers as they continue their travels here, then go back 'home' to Russia to continue the work.

(heehee, I cheated by putting 3 in one catagory so I could show you more than 5 blogs....don't tell!)

3. Veritas is a blog my husband writes. Veritas means 'truth' and he loves to teach/preach and live for truth as he serves God as a pastor here.

4. Seek Joy and Live Love is currently the name of my daughter, Hannah's, blog. She likes to shake things up and ponder deep thoughts and social trends and change that needs to take place. It is fascinating to read what goes on inside the mind of a fervent Christian college student as she makes her way and is deciding how to respond to today's culture and church.

5. Adventures in Mercy is a blog written by Molly, a truly thinking woman I met on a stay at home mom's forum. She is making her way out of some very legalistic and extreme fundamentalism. It is amazing to see her thoughts and transformation as she worked through this change in her life. She is currently beginning college courses to further her education, so she is (sadly for us) closing down her blog soon. But I encourage you to take a look at her sight and glean what you can while it is still there.

Wow, I did it! I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do.

You do not have to be nominated to nominate others for the Thinking Blogger awards. Go here to see the rules.

by crickl at 10:34 AM PDT
Updated: Thu, Apr 5 2007 10:35 AM PDT
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Wed, Apr 4 2007 - 8:39 PM PDT

Name: e-Mom
Home Page:

Yup, that's the orchid! I have a collection of four in my house... just love 'em. Glad you found a cyber version! Kudos again to you Christy! (BTW, I've already been nominated a couple of times so maybe you can find another worthy recipient.) Blessings to you this Holy Week. :~)

Thu, Apr 5 2007 - 11:53 AM PDT

Name: joannmski
Home Page:

Yay for Christie!!! That is so great. I have always thought that you have great insight and are very wise. So glad others are recognizing that too!!

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