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Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening
by Mary Ellen Flora
CDM Publications, 1992
ISBN: 0-9631993-0-7
$7.95, 82 pp

Mary Ellen Flora is a spiritual teacher, healer, clairvoyant reader and retired reverend. She has been sharing her insights on spirituality for nearly fifty years, and - along with her husband the Reverend M. F. Slusher - co-founded the Church of Divine Man/CDM Psychic Institute which reunites spiritualism with Christianity. A teacher and strong proponent of meditation, she encourages her students to turn within for the answers they seek. Flora lectures and gives demonstrations throughout the Pacific Northwest, in both the US and Canada.

Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening holds many things. It holds the promise of centering us, which holds an array of benefits from reducing anxiety to filtering out the noise of the day that's not beneficial to us. In turn, meditation can increase our awareness of what's important, thereby assisting us in prioritizing. It can also be a portal for heightened creativity and connectivity with the environment around us, both physical and spiritual.

Upon cracking open the book, you get the feeling this isn't Flora's first rodeo. Her instructions are clear and simple. There's not a lot of fluff to wade through to get to the point. She lays out a brief introduction, including a short history on meditation and its benefits. It's information that is good to know, but she doesn't over-share. In her many years of teaching, she's learned to keep words to a minimum, avoiding confusing instructions by providing only what the reader needs to know.

      [T]he ultimate goal of meditation is to experience the vibration we are all here to manifest; that vibration is love.

Although Meditation is all about spirituality, the author doesn't get bogged down in theology. She offers instruction about the process of meditating, explaining grounding and energy flow through charts and text with clear precision:
    Grounding is the first technique to use as you start your meditation. Grounding is the creation of an energy cord from your body to the center of the earth. You, the being, create the cord from your first chakra and allow it to flow to the center of the earth.
A realist, Flora cautions the reader that it takes time - a little each day - to become comfortable and functional with meditation. That's the bad news. The good news: she provides the reader with all the tools necessary to begin meditating immediately. Indeed, the majority of the book is dedicated to what a meditation session looks like, walking the reader through its multiple stages with clarity and ease. She wraps up Meditation with ten questions we might want to ask ourselves in the context of meditating:
    What is my spiritual path? How can I best heal my body? On what do I need to put my attention to follow my spiritual path? How can I improve my relationship with . . . ? How can I best communicate with God? What are my reasons for having a body this lifetime? What blocks are affecting my flow of energy? How can I best serve God? How can I best serve humankind? and What is my lesson for today?
Bear in mind, the ultimate goal of meditation is to experience the vibration we are all here to manifest; that vibration is love. According to Flora, when we raise our vibration through meditation, we raise the vibration of our creations and the vibration of the planet. By solving our own earthly and spiritual problems, we are an assistance to others and the planet as a whole. By filling ourselves with light, not only can we find the answers we seek, we can be a light to others. Considering the darkness 2020 has wrought, that's got to be a step in the right direction.

posted 06/07/21