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Information on how to submit a fic


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Basic Story Elements Guide:

Fic: a work of writing, usually by a fan, about a copyrighted anime series
Angst: sad
Semi-Angst: sort of sad
Major Angst: very sad, find some kleenex before reading
Lemon: some explicitly described make-out, and beyond, scenes
Lemon Scent: a tiny lemon hint, but everything is left to the imagination
Death fic: character(s) die
Alternate Universe: involves the Gundam character(s), but in an alternate universe.
Short: an extreemly short story
Esssay: a basic essay
Song Fic: a fic set to a specific song
Humor: a funny fic
Fluff: a basic happy-go-lucky fluffy-cloud land fic
Round Robin: a fic that continues via e-mail in's by multiple authors

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