On April 23rd,2002, Roberta passed on.

It was my honor to have spent some years with this remarkable woman, and the best way I know to honor her life is to share her own words, many examples of which you will find below. It is my intention to have as complete a collection of her words as is possible, so if any of you have tape recordings, videos, or newspaper cuttings featuring her words please contact me at bopeep@hoganview.com.

Testimonials various testimonials from those who knew her

Photo album collection of photos of Roberta and her rugs.

March, 2002 UN Statement with Kee Watchman
May, 2001 On support, and the petition
April, 2001 At Shareholders meeting
Feb, 2001 Statement to visitors
May, 2000 San Francisco Peaks
Feb, 2000 Religion, Culture, Land
June, 1999 Is anybody listening
May, 1999 On the Sundance
April, 1999 This is, in my opinion, is one of Robertas best.
???, 1997 Letter to the editor
Feb, 1997 Fairness Hearings
???, 1996 Holding On
???, 1994 I won't quit
May, 1993 Interview, News From Indian Country
???, 1993 Sovereign Dineh Nation
July, 1990 U.N. Commission on Human Rights
???, 1986 Interview by Winona LaDuke
July, 1986 "We're staying for the children"
???, 1985 Cry, Sacred Ground
April, 1984 Interview, Big Mountain News
July, 1979 Statement to Interior committee
???, 1978 Address to Barry Goldwater