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Interview in News From Indian Country.

May 1993. with Gerri Moore

The main starting in, is 1978. A time they were doing the fencing and making harassment.

A lot of ladies has been arrested during that time and the time it was when we joined the walks that were being set up from San Francisco to Washington D.C. Then of course, we did talk and tell why we are joining this walk. The main trouble is all the struggles we are having there with the animals and the land, and the relocation issue. Then we are told that we are getting paid, getting us welfare assistance and commodity food and that is payment for the land! I say "NO WAY!", I'm not going to eat my land. So I refuse getting all this free stuff and I oppose these things. Especially in order for us to leave our land!

I will tell you why I am resisting and why I had to stay and fight. I say I am doing it for my children and my grandchildren, and for those that are coming, for more generations that are ahead of us. We are not allowed to sell or exchange our land, we are not allowed to according to the Traditional Way.

And finally, I have been told that according to the sun we haved four sacred mountains it is most important to us. These sacred mountains are the post of our hogan. Now, inside the room of our hogan, there are a lot of mice digging here and there. I mean the mining company.... they are like mice. How wouls you like it if mice were making holes in your room? They are destroying a mountain that is sacred to us, where we have been offering our prayers.

Now they don't understand and they don't believe us and they want to destroy our sacred shrine. And also our own great grandfather and great grandmother is buried here, and there in no time they have no cemetary. They have now turned to soil and whatever is underneath. And this is what I want them to know, we have our sacred places!


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