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Statement to shareholders meeting,

Lehman Bros.

NY, April 3 2001


Elders can not go away to other places, places where we don't know how to make offerings.

I am here to tell of what Peabody has been doing to our Navajo County.

The place from where we are is by the San Francisco Peaks to the East. It is an Altar. On this Altar there is a lot of mining, on our church. If we motion together that they are mining a hole in our Altar. I wonder if they would let us make one on theirs.

I want to tell people how Indian people protect Mother Earth, our Indian Country. She's feeding us, a lot of things are coming down with sickness because of all the things that are coming out of her, pollution and so on.

That is why I came here, to show people, that they need more understanding. government should realize that Mother Earth is sick.

I have been heaving a lot these days, and I really want it to be healed. these officials, they have been starving people, confiscating our livestock. Not respecting the Great Spirit who created the World, how Indian people and their languages were put in different areas.

I am traveling a lot around the country for my children, grandchildren and generations to come. I want them to grow up in a good way.

The mining is too much and there is money. We are suffering from U.S. Energy utilities. All Indians are facing the same, we are all told our; and is NOT ours.

We are put hereby creator to be on the land and respect it. Then these "visitors" came to mine the country.

you have a pinprick on your finger, just take it off and the pain will go away. But there are too many pins on the Mother Earth. Barbed wire is all over the country, dividing the people.


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