Best Friend Cynthia

"Best Friend Cynthia" was a talking doll. She worked by inserting a miniature record into a slot on her side and pressing a button on her back. Her dress had a special opening with a set of snaps so the record could be easily inserted.

She required one D sized battery to operate. She was 18 1/2" tall. Her head was marked "Copyright 1971 Mattel Inc., Hong Kong". Her back was marked " Copyright 1971, Mattel Inc., USA, US Patent Pending".

She came with a short pink dress with flower embroidered ribbon trim, with a blue velvet sash and white criss-cross tie at the waist. She also had white high healed shoes.

Cynthia had blond hair with a flip style. Two side strands were pulled back and fastened with a small elastic band and the remaining hair pushed forward in the flip.

Cynthia came with 3 different records ("General Topics", "Outdoor Activities" and "Indoor Activities"). Outfits and records were also available to purchase seperately. Some of these additional items were:

(Picture obtained from closed auction listing on

One record I do have is "Outdoor Activities". It has two sides containing eleven different phrases. Here are some examples. Click where indicated and press the forward play arrow on the pop-up that is displayed to hear Cynthia's actual voice. (Note: Voice clips may take a few moments to download):

"It's sunny today. Let's go outside!"click here

"I can't wait for summer so we can go swimming!"click here

"Wouldn't a swimming party for your birthday be fun? We can invite all of your friends over."click here

"I'm going to teach swimming during summer vacation!"click here

"Let's go for a bike ride with all of our friends!"click here

"What's your favorite sport?"click here

"Will you show me how to play a new game you learned?"click here

"I've always wanted to play tennis. Let's take lessons together this summer!"click here

"What dance are you learning in dance class?"click here

"Have you ever had a snowball fight with your friends? Its fun!"click here

My Cynthia Memory

I never owned a "Best Friend Cynthia" when I was young, but my cousin Dina did. I remember one day my grandmother Nonna was watching us at her house and my Uncle Bob came over and brought Cynthia for Dina. I think after awhile Dina got tired of playing with her and ran off somewhere else. I remember playing with Cynthia for a short while by myself in my grandmother's front porch. Over the past 30 years I dinstinctly remember Cynthia saying something about riding horses and a Palomino.

When I had the opportunity to purchase Cynthia recently on Ebay, complete with a working record, I couldn't wait to find out if my memory was correct and she really did mention something about a Palomino. Before I put the battery in, I told my daughter about what I remembered and that this was proof that my memory of small details held up over time. Sure enough, here was the phrase that confirmed it:

"Do you want to go horseback riding? Last time I rode the most beautiful Palomino!"click here

So there you go...I really do remember these things. Now if I can only remember what happened yesterday. Hahahaha...

Above you will see two pictures of me and Dina (and also my brother Marc)around the time I would have played with her "Best Friend Cynthia" doll (1971/1972).

FYI - Definition of Palomino - characteristic of a distinctive coloration type of show or saddle horse. The coat is yellowish and the mane and tail are silver or white. Some degree of white marking on the face and legs is also allowed by registries. As the offspring do not necessarily show the same color pattern, the palomino is not a true horse breed.

Cynthia and her twin.

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